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31 March 2016

Applicant type: MP

1. How many refugees your council has resettled to date under the Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme.

2. How many refugees your council has committed to take at a future date under the scheme.


Info provided - 28 April 2016

1. Zero

2. The council does not have enough social housing to match demand, (and numbers in B&B have risen in the last few months). Our allocations policy is that normally homeless families (mainly local people), would be offered homes in the private rented sector. Recently, even sourcing private rented homes within LHA/ HB limits in London has proved very tough.

Therefore, the council is not in a position to give social housing to any refugees from Syria. However the council has agreed with local church groups that if stable accommodation can be found for refugees at below Housing Benefit levels, the council can arrange support packages, schools etc. By stable housing the accommodation must be available for 5 years, otherwise the reality is that very vulnerable families would end up being evicted and the council would (probably), be forced to place them in B&Bs away from the borough. There are about 20 people working within the churches in a concerted effort to source suitable and stable housing, but it is very difficult to guess how much will be found, or how many refugees the council will be able to support. An estimate of 0-10 is probably reasonable.

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