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31 March 2016

Applicant type: Charity

The questions below relate to rehabilitation provision for visually impaired adults within your local authority.

On notes of terminology, by vision rehabilitation we mean a structured programme of preventative support which is provided for visually impaired people. The programme must provide training and support in the home and/or mobility training to adults outside of the home.

1. What was the total budget spend by the authority on rehabilitation services for blind and partially sighted adults in

a) 2015/16

b) 2016/17

2. How many rehabilitation officers and assistants of visual impairment are employed by the authority (or the organisation delivering rehab services), and what is their full time equivalent?

3. Does the authority plan to review or to make changes to the structured programme of adult's vision rehabilitation services? If yes, please provide information on the planned changes.

4. Does the authority operate eligibility criteria in order for people to access vision rehabilitation services? If yes please provide a copy of the criteria.


Advice given - 20 April 2016

1) Our sensory service includes rehabilitation for visually impaired people, however, we do not collect the information in such a way as to be able to isolate the budget spend on these particular activities. Therefore we regret we cannot provide this.

2) We have 3 rehabilitation officers and 2.5 FTE

3) No

4) No

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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