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30 March 2016

Applicant type: Journalist

1) Please provide copies of your council's policy on the use of section 106 agreements with developers under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

2) Please provide the council's affordable housing targets in percentage terms for new developments for the financial years

i) 2013-14

ii) 2014-15

iii) 2015-16

3) Please provide

a) The total number of housing developments approved under a S106 agreement

b) The total number of housing units in these developments

c) The total number of affordable housing units in these developments

d) The total contributions made by the developers under these S106 agreements

For the financial years

i) 2013-14

ii) 2014-15

iii) 2015-16


Advice given - 25 April 2016

1) Since the Borough introduced its own CIL (community infrastructure levy) in November 2014, which superseded the Planning Obligations Strategy from 2005, S106's can only be used to secure site specific infrastructure. S106's signed from this date can only be used in this way which is stipulated in the signed agreement for each property. The Councils revised planning obligations strategy is attached.

With specific regard to affordable housing; there is an affordable housing supplementary planning guidance document.

Paragraph 2.6.4 states:

In determining which schemes should be funded by the Council, the priorities are to meet key objectives in the Council's plans and strategies, which focus on increasing the supply of new permanent affordable housing and releasing existing under-occupied housing, taking into account value for money, deliverability of individual schemes and the implications of cross-borough working arrangements.

2) The Council's Core Strategy ( (adopted in 2009) includes an aspirational target of 50% across the entire plan period (i.e. 15 years) and from a range of sources. Sections and .8, together with Section 7.2, make clear this is, as with all Core Strategy policies, subject to viability considerations. The Development Management Plan ( (adopted in 2011) Policy DMHO6, which is used to consider applications for specific sites, requires the maximum reasonable amount of affordable housing that is viable having regard to individual site circumstances. These planning policies applied to new developments during those financial years.

3) The Council's Authority Monitoring Reports ( contains details on all housing including affordable housing completions (this could include some sites not secured through a S106 agreement) and financial contributions from planning obligations.

Details of affordable housing completions in 2013/14 are set out in the Housing AMR for 2013/14 (December 2014) The AMR for 2014/15 is due to be published later in spring 2016. Data for 2015/16 will not be published before the end of 2016, once a completions survey has been undertaken and analysis completed.

The report on Monitoring of planning obligations & Community Infrastructure Levy (March 2016) reports on monies received for affordable housing. Data for 2015/16 is not expected to be published until later this year.

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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