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3 March 2016

Applicant type: Journalist

1. For each of the past six financial years (2010/11 - to 2015/16 to date) what is the total number of penalty charge notices issued by, or on behalf of the council, for Contravention Code 48 (parking in a restricted area outside a school)?

Please note I would like the overall totals for each financial year rather than one total for the whole period.

2. I understand the penalty charge notice is £70 for this offence but if this figure is different at your council, please state the amount.

3. For the financial year 2015/16 which five schools have had the most Contravention Code 48 penalty charge notices issued in their vicinity?

Please note, I would like the name of the five schools and the numbers of notices issued relating to each individual school.

4. Does your council use Public Space Protection Orders in relation to illegal/dangerous parking in the vicinity of schools?

5. If yes, how long has your council used PSPOs? How many have been issued? How much was the defendant fined in each case? How many people have been taken to court?


Advice given - 11 March 2016

1. NB The contravention for code 48 is 'stopped in a restricted area outside a school, hospital, or a fire, police or ambulance station when prohibited'. The only suffix that may be applied is 'J' for camera enforcement. Therefore specific data referring merely to 'schools' does not exist.

The following data for codes 48 and 48J reported in the requested timeframes are:

2010/11 = 224 collectable PCNs;

2011/12 = 121collectable PCNs;

2012/13 = 48 collectable PCNs;

2013/14 = 96 collectable PCNs;

2014/15 = 162 collectable PCNs;

01/04/15 - 03/03/16 = 177 collectable PCNs.

2. A code 48 or 48J contravention in LBRuT is £110/55 in non-R zone areas; and £130/65 in the R zone.

3. Data like this is not kept by 'school' as our system is set up by road location.

The top five road locations year on year for code 48/48J contraventions are:

2010/11 = Cobbett Road Whitton; Kings Road Richmond; Hampton Road Hampton; Waldegrave Park Twickenham; Stillingfleet Road Barnes.

2011/12 = Hampton Road Hampton; Hampton Road Twickenham; Waldegrave Park Twickenham; Stanley Road Twickenham; Broughton Avenue, Ham.

2012/13 = Hampton Road Twickenham; Sheen Gate Gardens Mortlake; Cumberland Road Kew; and seven locations all with a single PCN - Church Road Teddington; Ellerker gardens Richmond; Hospital Bridge Road Whitton; Linden Gardens Hampton; Meadlands Drive Petersham; Queens Road Richmond; Stanley Road Twickenham.

2013/14 = Hampton Road Twickenham; Carrington Road Richmond; Strathmore Road Teddington; Waldegrave Park Twickenham; Darell Road Kew.

2014/15 = Hampton Road Twickenham; Sheen Gate Gardens Mortlake; Waldegrave Park Twickenham; Carrington Road Richmond; Gothic Road Twickenham and Kingston Lane Teddington.

01/04/15-03/03/16 = Hampton Road Twickenham; Waldegrave Park Twickenham; Carrington Road Richmond; Sheen Gate Gardens Mortlake; ; St James Avenue Hampton.

4. The council has no Public Space Protection Orders in operation.

5. N/A

Please note that our responses were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of release, and have not subsequently been updated. This information should be considered an historical record only.

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