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A Conservation Area Appraisal looks at the character, appearance and special interest of a conservation area or group of conservation areas.

These appraisals give a background to the Conservation Area Statements or form new appraisals and can:

  • Be referenced on appeal
  • Assist in development control decisions
  • Identify proposals for enhancement and preservation

Conservation Area Appraisals must go through public consultation before they can be adopted. Not every conservation area has an accompanying study.

Also relevant to the conservation areas are the Village Plan Supplementary Planning Documents. These provide some updating of the relevant conservation area documents as well as providing guidance in relation to areas outside the conservation areas. Village Plan Supplementary Planning Documents are available for Kew(pdf, 4262KB) and Whitton and Heathfield(pdf, 4215KB).

List of studies

Updated: 24 January 2024

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