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The Richmond Council Parks Team is working to improve the impact, reach and quality of access to parks and open spaces in the borough to residents who experience barriers to access.

Friendly parks for all

Currently the model is being developed in five parks:

The model of accessible Friendly Parks for All has been developed in consultation with several local care charities in order to meet the needs of their clients.

The model includes:

  • Additional seating and resting places
  • Improved paths and improved safe access to the pond at Barnes Green, entrance/exit markers and a meeting point to aid navigation and help orientate yourself within the park
  • Signage and routes marked with specially designed way finders
  • There are plans to include parking places adjacent to the park for blue badge holder

For more details see the Seeds of Change newsletter or contact Frances Bennett by email at

Accessibility guides

Accessibility guides have been developed for all five parks:

Friendly Parks for All activities

As part of the Friendly Parks for All project there are free weekly activities held in one of the Friendly Parks. 

There are also monthly accessible wellbeing walks held in association with local charities Ruils and Richmond Borough Mind.

See the current programme (pdf, 224 KB) or SWLEN events calendar for details.

Heathfield Sensory Trail

Heathfield Recreation Ground includes an accessible Sensory Trail and Sensory Path. There are also plans for an outdoor gym suitable for older people and people with limited mobility.

Heathfield Sensory Trail Leaflet (pdf, 1.1 MB) 

Friendly parks for all marker

Updated: 19 March 2021