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The Seeds of Change project is managed through our Parks department. It aims to encourage more use of parks and open spaces by local people. 


The objectives of the project are to:

  • Encourage use of parks and open space in the borough
  • Work with partners to help improve the quality of everyone’s experience of parks
  • To increase the number and diversity of people inspired by and enjoying them
  • Better understand the issues, barriers and priorities of residents to help improve engagement in parks

Seeds of Change newsletters

For an update on the project please see our twice yearly bulletin.

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In June 2015 we undertook a consultation to understand:

  • The general picture of the current provision of outdoor learning in the borough.
  • The geographical distribution of outdoor learning in the borough.
  • How accessible current provision is to residents, especially in areas of uplift.
  • Whether there is any specialised provision to specific client groups e.g. families, schools, older people, those with disabilities.

View the consultation report(pdf, 267KB)

In early 2020 we carried out a public consultation to understand the barriers that blind or visually impaired visitors face when they visit our parks and open spaces.

Read a summary of the key findings (pdf, 484 KB)

Updated: 12 December 2023

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