In order to deliver a comprehensive and cohesive regeneration of Twickenham Riverside we have made a compulsory purchase order (CPO) – copies of the relevant documents are provided below. 

For the latest information on the CPO please see the dedicated CPO website.

What properties are being considered for CPO

The CPO includes powers to acquire all land within the site boundary which we don't not currently own and/or control. The CPO also includes the acquisition of rights outside the site boundary which are required in order to construct the Scheme.

This includes:

  • Part of the Embankment which is unregistered
  • 1 and 1B King Street which are currently subject to leasehold arrangements
  • A small parcel of land to the rear of the service road
  • Any third-party rights such as informal easements and rights of light
  • The 125 year lease for the Diamond Jubilee Gardens
  • Rights over land surrounding the site boundary to allow for crane oversailing


We have been negotiating with affected parties and whilst a number of interests within the Scheme have been acquired by agreement, a number of negotiations have not yet concluded. Given the outstanding negotiations (and in line with Government guidance), we have made the CPO to ensure the timely delivery of the Scheme.

Throughout the CPO process we will continue to negotiate with all affected parties to try to acquire interests by agreement.

The site includes areas of public open space and as these are included within the CPO there are specific statutory provisions which apply. We will be providing exchange land (i.e. replacement open space) for the open space which will be acquired, and which will no longer be open space due to being built upon.

Other areas of existing open space will remain as such as part of the scheme and these will be preserved and maintained. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of land which is not currently open space and will be designated as such in the new scheme, meaning that there will be a greater amount and quality of public open space and public realm overall in the new scheme.

For any questions or clarifications please contact Anna Sadler, Programme Manager at

Main CPO documents

The London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames (Twickenham Riverside) Compulsory Purchase Order 2021 (pdf, 15.5 MB)

Map referred to in The London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames (Twickenham Riverside) Compulsory Purchase Order 2021 (pdf, 5.3 MB)

Statement of Reasons (pdf, 984 KB) 

Documents referred to the Statement of Reasons

Decisions made by the acquiring authority:

Planning policy documents:

Planning application 21/2758/FUL documents:

During the planning process there have been a number of additional or superseded documents. View the latest planning documents.


Other documents:

Updated: 15 March 2023

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