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Find out how to reduce, re-use or recycle various types of waste and unwanted items locally.

See also Richmond and Twickenham Friends of the Earth's guide to sustainable living, and the South London Partnership's Zero Waste Map.

Recycling, reuse and waste reduction A-Z
Item Details
Aerosol cans (empty)
Air freshener and home care products 
  • Air freshener and home care waste can be recycled at The Refill Larder, High St, Teddington TW11 9JB
  • Bring your recycling to a participating drop-off point at St Richards CE Primary School, Ashburnham Road, Richmond, TW10 7NL
Aluminium foil
Baby food pouches and pet food pouches These can be recycled at your local supermarkets. Find your nearest retailer
Cartons (e.g. Tetra Paks)

Find your nearest Traid textile bank, request a free Traid doorstep collection or find out more about textile recycling charity Traid.

  • Find your nearest recycling point
  • Recycle at the Reuse and Recycling Centre at Townmead Road (if we cannot send them for reuse their components will be recycled where possible)
Contact lenses These can now be recycled at local branches of Boots and other participating opticians. Find participating opticians. Get full details.
Cooking oil Recycle at Townmead Road Household Waste and Recycling centre
Dental care products and packaging Recycle at the drop point at Refill Larder, 18 High St, Teddington, TW11 8EW
Drinks cans
Electricals (all sizes)
Electricals (small)
Engine oil Recycle at Townmead Road Household Waste and Recycling centre
Eyecare Recycle your contact lenses, blister packs and foil covers at your local opticians
Food tins (clean)
Food and drinks cartons (clean and dry)
Food waste
  • Use your kitchen food waste caddy to keep food waste separated from other waste. When your caddy is full empty your caddy contents for collection into the larger food waste box/communal bin in block of flats (if provided). To find out if your flat is suitable for this scheme, please contact
  • Find out more about food waste recycling
  • This portion planner provides guidance on how much food you need for each person for each meal. It's simple to use and calculates the typical serving sizes for you.
Garden waste
Glass bottles and jars
Light bulbs
  • All sorts of light bulbs (fluorescent bulbs, LED, incandescent bulbs) can be recycled at Townmead Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • You can drop off used or unwanted lightbulbs and fluorescent tubes to the recycling units at the B&Q store at Twickenham, 50 South Road, TW2 5NT.

Re-usable (or 'real') cloth nappies are kinder to the environment than single-use disposable ones so long as you do not wash/tumble dry them at high temperature. Real nappies are also cheaper than disposables in the long run, especially if you buy them second hand and use them for more than one baby.

A baby goes through four to ten nappy changes daily, totalling approximately 1kg of disposable nappy waste every day. Across West London, babies produce at least 5,700 tonnes of waste resulting in overflowing of rubbish and recycling bins and up to £700,000 in disposal costs every year.

If you're a Richmond resident, you can borrow a washable nappy pack at no charge from West London Waste Authority for three weeks to try out a wide range of washable nappies. Each pack contains everything you need to see whether washable nappies are right for you and for your little one(s).

If you're interested in borrowing a nappy pack and making a positive environmental impact, please visit the West London Nappies website where you can sign up for a newsletter to receive regular updates on this scheme.

Get information and advice on buying new real nappies, second hand real nappies and real nappy laundry services from Real Nappies for London.

Early potty training can reduce nappy waste and help you save money.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) canisters

Never place these in your rubbish or mixed recycling for collection by the Council as there is a serious fire/health and safety risk. Recycle them via retailers (where practicable), or at the Townmead Road Household Waste and Recycling centre.

Other items

Find out how to correctly dispose your household items using the locator tool

Printer cartridges
  • Can be recycled at Townmead road Reuse and Recycling Centre
  • Send it to Recycle4Charity (free of charge)
Plastic bags and films

Larger stores of major supermarkets accept:

All plastic bags, except biodegradable or compostable bags; bread bags; breakfast cereal liners; bubble wrap; delivery bags; dry cleaning bags; frozen food bags; magazine and newspaper wrappers; multi-pack wrapping; plastic marked as low-density polyethylene (LDPE) - resin ID code 4; toilet roll wrapping.

Selected stores of major supermarkets also accept:

Baby, pet food, detergent and cleaning pouches; biscuits and chocolate wrapping; cheese, fish and meat wrapping; cling film; crisp and sweet bags; plastic film lids; salad, pasta and rice bags.

Enter your postcode to find your nearest soft plastic collection point. Click through to the store details to find out which soft plastics they collect.

Plastic bottles
Plastic pots, tubs and trays (clean)
Plastic flowerpots and plastic trays Recycle your plastic flowerpots and plastic trays at Squires Garden Centre in Twickenham, Sixth Cross Rd, TW2 5PA.
Raw vegetable waste
Rubber bands Deposit loose in any post box and Royal Mail will re-use them.
Shoes Recycle pairs of shoes with clothes/textiles (must be tied together or separately bagged).

Find your nearest Traid textile bank, request a free Traid doorstep collection or find out more about textile recycling charity Traid.

Local textile banks accept clean and dry clothes (including underwear and pairs of shoes) and accessories such as handbags and belts, plus bed linen, curtains and towels. They do not accept carpets/rugs or stuffed items such as pillows, duvets and teddy bears.

Vapes (disposable)

Recycle via the retailer or with other waste electricals at Townmead Road

Updated: 19 December 2023

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