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You can recycle:

  • Mixed containers (glass, cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays and cartons such as TetraPaks)
  • Mixed paper and flattened card/cardboard
  • Clean foil (recycle with mixed containers)
  • Small electricals no larger than 25x25x25cm
  • Textiles and shoes

Use our recycling sites map to find a site near you.

Using the sites

If you are visiting a recycling site please follow these rules:

  • Don’t bring commercial waste – this can be taken to Townmead Road instead.
  • Don’t leave litter behind – everything you bring must go into a container, be taken to Townmead Road or taken back to your home.
  • Don’t leave bulky items of waste – this will be considered fly tipping which is illegal.
  • Don’t leave food waste – if you are a resident your food waste will be collected as part of your normal weekly collection.

Adopt a recycling site scheme

Some recycling sites have been adopted by community groups in the area. In return for helping to manage these sites, we offer a generous quarterly payment.

If you are a member of a group who would like to get involved, please phone 020 8891 1411 or email

Site locations

The borough’s main waste recycling centre is the Townmead Road Re-use and Recycling Centre.

Townmead Road Reuse and Recycling Centre

Over 27 materials can be re-used and recycled at the Townmead Road Centre in Kew, including more unusual items such as fridges and freezers, ink and toner cartridges, mobile phones, paint, garden waste and plastic bottles.

Space Waye Re-use and Recycling Centre

Space Waye in Feltham is part of the West London Waste Authority and can be used by Richmond residents.

Public recycling banks

There are over 60 recycling sites across the borough. View a map of our recycling sites for the locations and details of each site.

If you see an overflowing recycling bin you can report this online. We will investigate the bin to resolve the problem.

You can also request a bin be placed in a new location on a street in the borough.

Updated: 21 March 2024

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