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Grove Road

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Enter via Kings Ride Gate on Sheen Road (East Sheen Cemetery entrance)


Telephone: 020 8876 4511

Richmond Cemetery

Opening times
Day Month Opening times
Monday to Sunday* November to March 10am to 4.30pm
Monday to Sunday* April to October 10am to 6.30pm

* Includes all public holidays, Christmas and New Year.

At the cemetery

Burial and cremation options

Richmond cemetery offers the following plots:


The chapel in East Sheen Cemetery can be used for burial services in Richmond Cemetery, and is suitable for people of all faiths and beliefs.

Attending a funeral

If you are attending a funeral by car, please drive in through the East Sheen Cemetery entrance and park inside the cemetery gates. When the funeral cars drive through, you can follow them to the graveside. If there is a service in the East Sheen Cemetery Chapel before the burial, please park on the roads around the chapel building, making sure that the entrance to the chapel is kept clear for the funeral cars. You can then drive from the chapel to the graveside.

Help with accessibility

East Sheen Cemetery Chapel has pushchair / wheelchair access and a wheelchair is available within the chapel, if required. An induction loop has also been fitted.

Locate a grave

If you have found a person using our Burial register search, and would like to visit the grave/s, you can download a map of the cemetery.

As the cemetery is very large, you may wish to purchase a section plan for a small fee, which will help you to find the exact grave.

Updated: 02 March 2021

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