Granite Columbarium Units

Granite Columbarium Units are a type of grave within a free-standing memorial unit above ground. Up to two cremated remains can be placed in a unit.

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About the unit

A granite columbarium is a free-standing memorial unit which sits above ground and where each individual chamber is marked with a memorial plaque. Each unit can contain up to two cremated remains, and a vase is incorporated into the design so that a small spray of flowers can be placed beside the plaque.

The container for cremated remains can be made of metal, wood or cardboard, but must be no more than 8” by 8” in size. You can purchase a suitable metal urn from the cemetery office.

The columbarium units are made from polished granite so very little maintenance is required, and the plaque can be washed occasionally with clean water.


The unit allows up to two interments of cremated remains to be marked by a memorial plaque with an inscription of your choice. You must purchase the plaque through the cemeteries office.

Once the plaque has been inscribed, the burial of cremated remains can take place and the memorial unit can be secured. Alternatively, you can have the burial in the unit before the memorial is ready. The cemetery staff will then place the memorial on the unit when it is delivered and will let you know when it is in place.

No additional flower vases, pot plants or other memorialisation are permitted.


You can apply to place cremated remains in a granite columbarium by completing the application form for burial in a new grave (pdf, 71 KB) and sending it to the Cemeteries Office. To apply for a second burial in an existing unit, please complete the burial in an existing grave form(pdf, 46KB). We will hold either form until we can arrange a convenient date and time with you.

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Updated: 02 March 2021

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