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Green Slate Memorial

This grave allows a total of two burials beneath a slate memorial placed at ground level. No other planting or memorabilia is permitted.

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About the plot

The depth of the plot in the Garden of Rest allows up to two burials of cremated remains. You may wish to have the cremated remains buried in a casket, the eco box provided by the crematorium or buried loose. As the grave is quite small, any container should not be larger than 10" by 7", as this is the size of the memorial which covers the grave.


The memorial plaque is made of green Westmoreland slate and is available from local stonemasons. You may wish to use the entire face of the memorial plaque for the inscription or leave space to allow an inscription to be added in the future. When a second interment takes place you may either purchase a new plaque with a new inscription or have an additional inscription, if space has been left.

The burial of the cremated remains may take place prior to the delivery of the memorial plaque or you may prefer to wait until the memorial plaque is available before booking the required day and time for burial. The responsibility of maintaining the plaque is that of the grave owner.

No other planting or memorialisation of any grave is permitted within this section.


You can download the application form for burial in a new grave(pdf, 97KB), complete it and send it to the Cemetery Office. A mutually convenient date and time can then be made for the burial to take place. For a second burial in an existing grave, the application form for burial in an existing grave(pdf, 122KB) should be completed.

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Updated: 02 March 2021

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