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We want to encourage everyone to avoid driving in School Streets during the restricted hours.

Exemption details

The following drivers can apply for exemption to these restrictions for their vehicles, using this form:

  • Residents and businesses within the School Street (up to 4 household owned vehicles per address excluding visitors/services)
  • Blue badge holders visiting a property in the School Street
  • Care workers serving a property within the School Street
  • Taxis (private hire) serving a property within the School Street

Automatic exemptions

The following vehicles serving properties in the School Street will be automatically exempt:

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Council waste trucks,
  • School buses and school transport
  • Taxis (Hackney carriages only), and
  • Royal Mail postal vehicles


  • Delivery vehicles are also exempt but must apply for exemption stating the ‘Reason for application’ as being ‘Other’. This is because not all delivery vehicles are liveried and easily identifiable.
  • If a delivery vehicle has entered without submitting for exemption first, they should email soon as possible to avoid a PCN.
  • If they receive a PCN they should appeal the PCN providing proof of their delivery to an address within the restricted area where the alleged contravention took place.

St Richard Reynolds School Street zone has additional criteria due to the size of the zone.

Please do not confuse permits holders with holders of Controlled Parking Zone permits. These are entirely separate permits, and one does not cover the other.

How and when to apply for an exemption

If you meet one of the abovementioned criteria for exemption, you can apply by completing this form.

If there is another reason why a vehicle should be exempt, please submit the form for consideration selecting ‘Reason for application’ as ‘Other’. This may include:

  • Tradespeople/service providers
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Essential visitors

If you have had an unavoidable reason to enter the School Street during the restricted times without having obtained an exemption, please complete the form before the end of that day. If it is no longer the same day, you will need to appeal the PCN, if you have grounds to do so.

Who cannot apply

The following vehicle drivers cannot apply for exemption (unless eligible under one of the criteria above) and will be liable to a penalty charge notice if they enter the School Street during the operational times:

  • Residents living outside the School Street
  • Parents/carers dropping off/collecting children at the school

Exemption limits

There is a limit to how many cameras a single car can be exempted from. This is due to the system used by the camera operator and is unfortunately not something we control. If you regularly require access for more than one School Street (e.g. health/care workers, school transport, school nurses) please email to arrange the best solution for you.

Which schools are moving to ANPR

This form applies only to those School Streets enforced by camera. Currently, those are:

A further 4 schools are being considered for ANPR enforcement and their relevant exemption forms will go live when they are set up.

Further information on penalty charge notices can be found on the parking enforcement pages.

If you are unable to complete the form electronically please email or telephone 020 8891 7823 for assistance.

Apply for an exemption

Updated: 25 November 2021

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