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Highway land searches

A highway search may be performed when you are buying or selling a house, to identify the adopted highway boundary (public/private extent) and road proposals which may affect the value of the property.

Request a search

You have to make your request in writing, and include the map of the property or area of interest. We will be able to provide information such as:

  • Highway boundaries (marked on an Ordnance Survey map)
  • Proposed highway schemes
  • Road-works and road closures


The fee for this service is currently £29 (from April 2023).

We accept cheques made payable to 'The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames'. Send your cheque and request to:

Highway Searches
Ground Floor
Frogmore Complex
Dormay Street
SW18 1EY

Alternatively, send your request via email to where a link will be provided for payment online. 

Advance payment is necessary prior to us returning the land search. We aim to complete and return any written land searches within seven working days of receiving your payment, however we cannot guarantee this during busy periods.

Highways land search register

The Highways land search register lists the highways maintainable at public expense as well as the private roads within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The register is available free of charge to all members of the public.

Public Rights of Way

All current public rights of way in the borough can be viewed using our interactive map. The map is colour coded in the following ways:

  • Footpath (FP): Continuous purple line
  • Bridleway (BW): Continuous green line
  • Byways open to all traffic (BAT): Continuous brown line

Further information on this can be found in our Definitive Statement of Public Rights of Way(pdf, 672KB).

Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) Register

View our Register of DMMO Applications under S.53 (5) Wildlife Countryside Act 1981(pdf, 315KB).

Case files


We are the enforcing authority for public rights of way matters.

Highways register

A public register of notices under s 15A (1) of the Commons Act 2006.

Land ownership enquiries

To make an enquiry about the ownership of private land you should contact the Land Registry.

Land charges

Other searches, such as Official Land Searches, personal searches and access to CON29R information are dealt with through our Land Charges department.

Updated: 01 April 2024

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