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Public rights of way enforcement

We are the enforcing authority for public rights of way matters.

What we can do

We can investigate blocked or diverted rights of way as the Highways Authority. However we are unable to take enforcement action over unauthorised blockings or diversions of public rights of way.

The only cases where action could be taken are those where the blocking of the public right of way results from a breach of planning permission.

In these cases either:

  • the granted permission has not been carried out in accordance with the approved plans; or
  • a condition of the planning permission has not been complied with.

In such cases, our enforcement action will be against the breach of planning control, and not against the blocking of the public right of way. But the effect of the action may result in the removal of the blockage.

Private rights of way

We cannot take action over blocked or disputed private rights of way. Anyone affected in this way should consult a solicitor.


For more information about the enforcement of public rights of way contact:

Telephone: 020 8891 1411

Updated: 13 September 2018

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