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Local Plan monitoring

The Localism Act 2011 requires every authority to produce reports containing information on a number of topics including:

  • The implementation of the Local Development Scheme
  • The progress and effectiveness of the Local Plan
  • The extent to which the planning policies set out in the Local Plan documents are being achieved

Local Plan monitoring 2021

Local Plan monitoring 2020

Local Plan monitoring 2019

Local Plan monitoring 2018

Local Plan monitoring 2017

Monitoring reports on a series of topics will be added to the website when available:

The AMR 2015/16

The AMR 2014/15

The 2014/15 AMR is made up of a series of documents:

The AMR 2013/14

The 2013/14 AMR was the first produced as a series of documents which are set out below:

Previous AMRs


If you would like to find out further information, please contact the Local Plan Team.


Updated: 01 July 2022

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