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Planning obligations are secured by a formal deed whether in the form of a Unilateral Undertaking signed by the parties giving the obligations or by Agreement. When it is by agreement, it will also be signed and sealed by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

It will contain covenants (the planning obligations) covering the things the landowner agrees to do and agrees not to do and the circumstances and timescales within which these things will occur. It will also contain a plan showing the land to which it relates.


When submitting your draft Unilateral Undertaking it would be helpful if you include all the documentation listed below.

  1. An application site plan
  2. Copy entries of the Land Registry Title Documentation that covers the entire application site
  3. A covering letter confirming that our legal costs for approving and registering the agreement and monitoring fee costs will be met

Following submission of the draft Unilateral Undertaking to the planning officer you will be contacted and informed of any suggested amendments which ought to be made prior to any parties signing the undertaking.

On completion please return:

  • One original signed undertaking
  • One cheque made payable to London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to cover our legal fee and monitoring fee

The following undertakings are available:

See Guidance notes for Unilateral Undertakings.

Updated: 21 June 2021

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