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The following notes will provide assistance in completing a Unilateral Undertaking.

  • This document is a deed rather than a form and must therefore be completed properly to be accepted. It should be completed in type
  • Please read all of the following points and ensure all of the blank spaces are completed with the correct information. Incorrect or missing information will cause a delay in approving the deed
  • Please refer to the attached Unilateral Undertaking where each box contains a space


Please enter the full name(s) only of the person or persons who own the land, for example: John Smith. If there is a mortgagee, their details must also be included.

If you have applied for planning permission on land which is not in your ownership please add the word Developer as well as Owner and enter your full name along with your address. If the owner or developer is a company please ensure that the registered Office address is recorded.


Please enter the date on which you entered into the mortgage agreement and the respective parties, for example: the legal charge dated 9 October 2001 and made between (1) John Smith and (2) ABC Building Society

Planning application

Enter the date on which the application was submitted, for example: 18 February 2008 along with the full application reference number, for example: 08/1234/FUL. Also, please include the description of the development which should match that on our application file. For example: demolish existing house and structure and construct four 1 bed flats. All these details can be found within your initial letter, acknowledging receipt and validation of your application.


Please include the complete address of the application site, for example: 5 High Street, Anytown TW1 XYZ.

Title number

You will need to obtain full, original, and up-to-date land registry title documentation that covers the entire application site. The information to complete this section can be found within these documents.

You must submit copies of these documents with your draft Undertaking.

Financial contributions

If you are completing a Unilateral Undertaking relating to financial contributions you must ensure that all these monies are included in the deed. Your planning officer would have advised you of the contributions that have been applied to your application. This will provide the necessary figures in which need to be included next to the specific project. This should be stated within words and then in figures, for example: "The Public Realm Contribution" Nine Hundred and Eighty Pounds (£980.00) indexed

Before continuing you should now submit your draft Unilateral Undertaking for approval.

Once approved, the Undertaking may be executed.

Please proceed to the final two pages of the deed.

Executed as deed

Print the name of the signatory and sign next to the brackets. Print the names of all parties on the back page of the Undertaking.


Only once the Undertaking has been signed by all the parties should it be dated by hand on the front and back.

Updated: 21 June 2021

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