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Air Quality campaigns for everyone

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day normally takes place on the third Thursday in June and is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. It encourages everyone to take action to help reduce air pollution and usually involves hundreds of events around the country including many in our borough.

Clean Air Day - Thursday 16 June 2022

This year's theme was 'Air pollution dirties every organ in your body - take steps to improve your health this Clean Air Day'. See how air pollution impacts every organ in the body (pdf, 423 KB).

What we did for Clean Air Day 2022

This year we held an event at the forecourt of Richmond station:

  • Providing information about air pollution and active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) in the borough – come and ask your questions
  • An eCargo taxi service for passengers from the station travelling locally - provided by Peddle My Wheels
  • Dr Bike sessions – provided a free basic bicycle safety check for your bicycles
  • Street performers entertaining with air pollution messages

We also:

  • Launched a Clean Air Challenge for anyone living or working in the borough
  • Provided schools with free resources to hold activities and promote active travel for the school run
  • Provided two new school streets with entertainers to raise pupil’s awareness of Clean Air Day on their way to/from school
  • Encouraged businesses to work with suppliers and to attend a webinar to help reduce their contributions to local air pollution

What you can do for Clean Air Day

Take our Clean Air Challenge:

We encourage residents and businesses to walk, cycle and scoot as much as possible throughout the week. You can:

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Car Free Day

Car Free Day happens on 22 September each year and aims to reclaim streets away from vehicles for people to use, by championing traffic-free city centres and promoting active travel. The most popular activities are closing roads to produce Play Streets and School Streets.

What we did for Car Free Day 2021

Because COVID-19 restrictions were easing, but social distancing and face-masks were still recommended indoors, we focused our efforts on outside activities and those for existing 'bubbles' such as schools and businesses. The goals were to encourage people to use active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) whenever possible, and to support local businesses to make sustainable last-mile deliveries. This included:

Previous Car Free Day events

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Idling Action Campaign

The Council has taken action on engine idling in the borough and we ask drivers to switch off engines when their vehicle is parked for more than one minute to avoid creating unnecessary air pollution. Idling action events have been held around schools, at level crossings and in Richmond town centre.

We are part of a coordinated London wide scheme tackling idling, called Idling Action. Together with the Mayor of London’s team, we work with primary schools to educate children about air quality, to raise awareness about idling and promote active travel to school.

Further information

For the latest information on Council-led campaigns, view:

Updated: 22 June 2022

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