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Lime is a company which operates dockless electric bicycle rentals.

About Lime bike rentals

The Lime public bike hire scheme has been running in other London boroughs for some time and users have been able to ride their bikes into our borough. 

We have made an agreement with Lime, permitting them to use designated parking places in the borough to deploy their e-bikes. The new arrangement means that:

  • More bikes will be available in the borough, making it a more reliable travel option
  • Designated parking spaces will make it easier to find a bike and encourage considerate parking
  • Lime staff will be on duty in the borough to respond quickly to any issues that arise

Users are permitted to park Lime bikes outside the designated locations and must ensure that the bike does not cause a nuisance or obstruction.

How to hire a bike

In order to use a Lime bike, simply download the Lime app and register for an account. You must be aged 18+ to register. The app enables you to locate, unlock and pay for your ride.

See below for an overview of the designated parking locations. The blue dots show locations where e-scooters will be deployed, the green dots show locations where Lime hire bikes will be deployed. Users of both schemes can park in any of these bays.

View a map of the designated parking locations  


If you have specific issues relating to a Lime bike, please report it.  Each Lime bike has an identifying number on it.

Telephone: 0800 808 5223

Updated: 20 May 2024

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