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By committing to three simple changes to everyday activities, you can make a difference to air quality in Richmond as well as to your health.

My Clean Air Challenge

The Clean Air Challenge invites residents and people working in the borough to commit to three actions to help cut air pollution and improve everyone's health.

1. Walk, cycle, scoot or take public transport instead of driving

Walking and cycling mean zero pollution, and with added mental and physical well-being benefits these healthy forms of travel are also an easy way of adding exercise to your day.

2. Switch off your engine when you're not moving

Engine idling increases local air pollution and is a particular issue in our town centres, at level crossings and outside schools.

3. Think green for deliveries

Use a collection point rather than home delivery service and choose the green option when available, so your delivery is made by a vehicle already in your area.

Go the extra mile

Read more tips to tackle air pollution:

  • Bonfires are a significant cause of pollution. Sign up for our garden recycling collection instead
  • Keep wood burning stoves or fires for special occasions only and ensure you burn the correct fuel
  • Make sure you are confident when cycling around the borough: book a free cycle training course
  • If you're replacing your car, consider joining a car club or buy an electric car
  • Become a volunteer at future idling action events and help encourage other car drivers to switch off their engine when their car is stationary
  • You can also show your support by completing our online anti-idling pledge
  • Have your car serviced regularly and keep tyres at the right pressure which helps minimise the number of polluting particles produced
  • Make sure your boiler is serviced each year to help it burn fuel more cleanly

Further information

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Updated: 23 April 2024

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