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Chapel services suspended

Chapel services are suspended until ongoing health and safety risk reviews are concluded. You can continue to book graveside services.

April 2021 – March 2022

The cemetery fees are set annually and agreed by Members of the Council. There are fees applicable for residents and non residents of the Borough. A current Council Tax Bill must be submitted as proof of residency.

You are advised to see the Council's Personal Information Policy.

Payments are accepted by cash, cheque (payable to LBRUT) debit or credit card.

Please note that if you are purchasing a new grave both the purchase and burial fees will be applied.

Purchase fees - Full Grave
Service Resident Non resident
Lawn (Headstone only allowed) £2,290 £4,581
Traditional (Full memorial/headstone/planting) £3,041 £6,081
Natural burial area (No memorial/planting) £1,685 £5,665
Star & Garter £1,520 N/A
Children's section - accommodating children up to 5 (Full memorial/headstone/planting) £111 £1,278

The Purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial in the above sections are issued for 50 years, this can be extended up to 100 years, for an additional fee.

Burial fees

If you are purchasing a new grave, the purchase fees will need to be added to the applicable burial fee. If you have an existing family grave, it is only the burial fee which will need to be paid, along with the removal fee for a memorial, if there is one already on the grave.

Interment fees
Service Resident  Non-resident 
Standard depth (prepared at a depth for 2 interments where possible) £1,520  £3,038 
Depth for 3 interments   £1,857  £3,606 
Interment of a child (aged up to 18) Nil  £270 
Un-purchased grave (Teddington & Twickenham £1,105  £2,430 
Burial of body parts   £306 £597 


Miscellaneous Fees - Burials
Service Cost
Use of chapel (45 minutes service) £140
Additional fee for weekend burials (subject to staff availability) £817
Additional fee for casket or straight edged coffin (no metal permitted) £910
Administration fee for two burials at the same time £759
Removal of Headstone on a traditional grave
(this must be replaced by a memorial mason once settlement in the grave is complete)
To remove and replace a standard memorial
(Replaced by cemeteries staff approx 12 months after burial. Non-standard memorials to be removed by Funeral Director)

Cancellation of a funeral (less than 48 hours before)


Use of chapel for a memorial service (45 minutes service)


Weekend surcharge for use of chapel (additional to the standard chapel fee)


Cremated remains fees

If you have an existing family grave within one of our cemeteries, this can be used to provide a burial area for cremated remains. Alternatively, you can purchase a new grave which can be marked with a memorial, and our cemeteries can provide some cremation options to help you to make your choice.

Purchase fees – Cremated Remains Grave
Service Fee
Family cremated remains section (Small garden space and memorial) £1,894
Garden of Rest – Granite Wedge (No planting/items permitted) £1,397
Garden of Rest – West Moreland plaque (No other planting/items permitted) £1,397

Hampton Columbarium (No other planting/items permitted)

Mini Orchid Columbarium (No other planting/items permitted)


Interment Fees – Cremated Remains
Service Fee
Adult cremated remains interment £462
Childs cremated remains interment (aged up to 18) Nil
Scattering of cremated remains


The Purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial are issued for 50 years, which can be extended up to 100 years for an additional fee.

The following fees apply to both resident and non-residents.

Miscellaneous Fees – Cremated Remains
Service Fee

Additional fee for weekend burial (subject to staff availability)


Administration fee for two cremated remains interments at the same time £205
Administration fee for burial of cremated remains with a coffin £205
Granite wedge memorial (includes first inscription up to 60 characters) £586
Orchid Columbarium plaque (includes first inscription up to 60 characters) £277
Additional letters/characters – each £2.30
Renewal of plaque in scattering area (Richmond)


Funeral and memorial fees

Funeral related fees are usually paid to us by your Funeral Director. Payments direct to us can be in cash in person at the Cemetery office, by cheque payable to London Borough of Richmond upon Thames or by Credit Card.

Memorial Application Fees
Service Fee
Headstone only £154
Full memorial £257
Additional work


Childs memorial


Grave Transfer and Deeds
Service Fee
Transfer of ownership £176
Assignment of exclusive burial rights by living owner £103
Extension or re-purchase of grave rights by 5 years


Annual fee – Reservation of a grave for 1 or 2 years

£170 per year

Annual fee – Reservation of a grave for 3 years or more £100 per year
Adding an additional owner to an existing grave


Memorials and Gardening Fees
Service  Service 
Memorial seats (includes installation but not inscription) From £969
Topsoil for graves on traditional sections


Turf for graves on traditional sections £103
Service Fee
Full body / Cremated Remains Fee on application (may be subject to VAT)

Contact the Cemeteries Team

We are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm, excluding Public Holidays, Christmas and New Year.

The Cemetery Office

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Updated: 19 April 2021