What can be recycled at Townmead Road

There are three zones areas for disposing waste at the site. Zones 1 and 2 are for residential use only and Zone 3 is for trade waste. It's best to separate your recycling and waste before travelling to the site.

Use this table to check what waste can be recycled and where it should go.

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You must separate all items and place them in the correct containers. We cannot accept tyres or any type of asbestos from traders at this facility.

List of items you can take to the site
Waste items Details Residental


Aluminium foil

Such as milk bottle tops, tops of cartons (yoghurt, cottage cheese or similar), baking/freezing trays, kitchen foil and even foil from cigarette packets.

No plastic coated foil such as crisp packets, coffee bags, tea bags wrapping, some chocolate and sweets wrappers, etc. Tip - you can easily test if something is aluminium and can be recycled by scrunching it in your hand. If it stays squashed it is aluminium and can be recycled. If it springs back into shape when it is squashed it cannot be recycled!

Zone 1  
Batteries There is a container provided where you can recycle your batteries. Batteries are recycled by Battery Back. Zone 1  
Books Books in good condition can be left for re-use. These are donated to various charities and organisations including Amnesty International, Book-Aid, RNLI, local charity shops and hospitals. Speak to a member of staff on site for more details. Zone 1  
Bric a brac All usable items are sent for re-use or recycling. Items collected range from CDs to furniture. Zone 2  
Cans Includes steel and aluminium and empty aerosol cans. Zone 1  
Car batteries You can drop off car batteries for re-use. Please ask one of the assistants on where to leave it. Zone 1  
Cardboard and paper Includes, junk mail, shredded paper (loose), newspapers and magazines, yellow pages and directories, flattened cardboard, envelopes and food and drink cartons - eg Tetra PakTM. Zone 2 Zone 3

Construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste disposal charges apply. These are applied to all waste from construction/demolition works as well as anything that once formed part of the permanent fixtures and fittings of your home.

Materials classified as construction and demolition waste include, but are not limited to: hard core, brick, rubble, concrete or paving slabs, decking, fence panels, garden and play sheds, summer, Wendy and tree houses, tiles, roof slates, bathroom and sanitary ware, fitted kitchen and wardrobes, worktops, soil and turf from landscaping garden renovation and other works, doors, windows, roofing materials, plasterboard, structural timber, other building materials.

Zone 2 Zone 3
Electrical equipment We accept all electrical goods for recycling including mobile phones. If we cannot send an item for re-use then we will ensure that its components are recycled or sent for safe disposal. Zone 1  
Fire extinguishers Householders only, not commercial businesses. Zone 1  
Fluorescent tubes Householders only, not commercial businesses. Zone 1  
Fridges and freezers This service is free, but we also offer a chargeable service for fridge and/or freezer collections. Zone 1  
Green waste Includes christmas trees. Zone 2 Zone 3
Gas bottles

These must be placed in the locked cage (please ask for assistance).

We accept all Calor gas, butane and propane bottles but not oxygen bottles (even if empty). If you are unsure whether we can accept your gas bottle(s), please contact us in advance to check if they will be accepted.

Zone 1  
Glass bottles and jars

Separate your glass into the appropriate colours - green, brown or clear

No Pyrex, mirrors or other types of glass.

Zone 1  
General waste This is only waste which cannot be recycled. Zone 2 Zone 3
Hardcore and soil

Includes construction and demolition  waste, building waste, brick, rubble. (Limited quantities are free of charge for householders).

For more information about waste from construction and/or demolition or DIY work, see 'Construction and demolition waste' on this table.

Zone 2 Zone 3
Mattresses   Zone 1  
Oil Includes engine and cooking oil Zone 1  

Good quality usable paint can be deposited in a special container on site. It is then collected and redistributed for use in the community through the RePaint Scheme.

No rusty tins or empty pots.

Zone 1  
Plastic packaging

All household plastic containers including household cleaner and detergent bottles, plastic milk, juice, soft drink and water bottles, plastic food trays. margarine tubs and yoghurt pots. Please wash and squash plastic containers before recycling. Lids can also be recycled.

Find out more about what plastics can be recycled.

No bottles that have contained motor oil or pesticides, plastic bags or film, shrink or bubble wrap, polystyrene packing or beads or cable ties.

Zone 1  
Shoes and textiles

We can accept pairs of shoes, clothes, hats, belts, towels, bed sheets and curtains that are clean and in good condition. These items are re-used in developing countries. Please place items in a plastic bag to help keep them clean.

No duvets or pillows.

Zone 1  
Toner and ink cartridges They'll be passed on to Greensource Solutions (was ActionAid Recycling), raising funds to help fight poverty in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Zone 1  
Wood and timber

Includes wooden furniture, timber off-cuts, flooring and crates or pallets. (Speak to a member of staff on site for advice).

No treated wood (creosote, etc), painted wood, MDF or chipboard.

Zone 2 Zone 3

Updated: 29 July 2020