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We are now accepting subscriptions for 2024/25. Join or renew your subscription.

We offer a fortnightly garden bin collection service to subscribed users for compostable waste.

If you only produce garden waste occasionally, you can buy our garden sacks which can be used without subscribing to the bin collections service.

How the subscription service works

To join the garden recycling service you will need to pay for a subscription and purchase a Richmond garden recycling bin.

When you join you will be sent an orange sticker in the post to attach to your green garden recycling bin. You must write your door number on the sticker and attach it to your bin.

If you do not attach the sticker to your bin the collection crew will not collect your garden recycling.

12 month subscription

A 12 month garden recycling contract period will begin on 1 April 2024 and runs until 31 March 2025.

If you join the service after 1 April 2024 your subscription begins on the first day of the next month after you join and will run until 31 March 2025.

6 month subscription

A 6 month contract will be available from September 2024. This which will run from 1 October 2024 until 31 March 2025. 

If you sign up after this date, it will run from the first day of the next month after you join until 31 March 2025.

Garden recycling collections 

Your garden recycling will be collected once a fortnight on your scheduled collection days throughout the whole year, except for two weeks in January.

For this year’s renewal period, the garden waste service will be suspended from 6 to 17 January 2025.

Find collection day

Your bin will be collected every two weeks.

You can find your collection day by using our search tool.

Alternatively we have a printable calendar of garden waste collection dates for 2024 - 2025.

Lost or damaged stickers

If you have lost or damaged the sticker that came with your subscription you can order a replacement sticker.

If your request is authorised we will send your sticker within five working days.

Replacement garden recycling bins

You can order a replacement bin if you have a garden recycling subscription.

Amending or cancelling your subscription

Let us know if you are moving house so we can amend or remove your details.

If you are moving out of the borough you can cancel your subscription, however refunds cannot be issued for early subscription cancellation.

What to put in garden recycling containers

The main thing we need to avoid when recycling is contamination. Contaminating your garden recycling could result in the removal of the collection service without a refund.

Check that you have read the list of garden recycling items we can and cannot accept.

Missed collections

If your garden recycling was not collected you can report a missed collection.

Report a problem

If you have experienced an issue with your garden recycling service (other than missed collections) you should report the problem to us.

Garden recycling for block of flats and schools

If you live in a block of flats or manage garden recycling in a school you may require a larger garden recycling bin.

Larger 1,100 litre bins are available for £337 for a full 12 month subscription from April to March. A 6 month subscription is also available for £184 from October to March.

If you require a larger bin please contact us for an assessment before subscribing to this service.

Terms and conditions

You should read our garden recycling service terms and conditions before you subscribe.

Updated: 07 May 2024

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