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The following table lists garden waste items you can put in our garden waste bins and sacks for collection.

List of garden waste items we can or cannot accept
We accept We don't accept
Fallen fruit Soil
Flowers Rubble
Garden prunings Animal waste
Grass cuttings BBQ ash
Hedge trimmings Food
Leaves Glass
Plants Stone
Twigs Plastic/bio-plastic bags or films
Blighted tomatoes  Other diseased plants


(excluding those listed in We don't accept column)

Japanese Knotweed

Perennial weeds (e.g. couch grass, mares tail and bindweed)

Contaminating your waste could result in the removal of the collection service without a refund.

The garden waste collection service is an opt-in scheme for which there is a charge.

Find out more about the garden recycling scheme.

Updated: 23 August 2022

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