Controlled Parking Zone consultation process

How we consult on Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) requests.

Requests for Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

Throughout the year we receive requests from residents and businesses to introduce CPZs in their areas. All these requests are assessed and prioritised yearly on the basis of merit and available resources.

Find out how to request a CPZ.

Below is the consultation and implementation process we follow for all CPZs.


We undertake a two-stage consultation process, to decide whether or not to implement a new CPZ.

First Stage Consultation

The first stage consultation is to establish if there is majority support in principle from those consulted for parking controls.

The initial consultation aims to establish whether or not there is majority support for a CPZ within a certain area.

The wording and layout of the consultation documents is developed in discussion with the Council’s Community Engagement Team and ward councillors and input may be sought from local residential groups / amenity groups prior to finalisation of the documents.

Based on the results of this 1st stage consultation, a decision will be made on whether a further (2nd stage) consultation should be undertaken.

Single roads are unlikely to be suitable for a new CPZ, but they can be considered if they are contiguous to an existing CPZ.

Second Stage Consultation

The second stage consultation is to establish if there is support for a firmer/ specific CPZ proposal.

A second consultation is undertaken and may involve a revised consultation boundary reflecting the results of the first stage consultation.  As with the preparation of the 1st stage consultation, the wording and layout of the 2nd stage consultation documents will again involve discussion with the Council’s Community Engagement Team, ward councillors and may also involve discussion with local residential groups/amenity groups prior to finalisation.

The 2nd stage consultation will propose a CPZ area and hours of operation that is based around responses to the 1st stage consultation (and parking surveys if conducted).  Businesses in the proposed area will also be invited to respond.

The Council generally expects to receive majority support from amongst all households in the proposed CPZ area (not just from respondents to the consultation).

Based on the results of this 2nd stage consultation, a decision will be made on whether to formally advertise a new CPZ in the area.

Formal advertisement of proposals

The traffic management orders (TMOs) detailing the proposals are formally advertised in the Richmond and Twickenham Times, on street and on our website.

The advertisement provides a statutory 21 day consultation period in which representations can be made. Representations to the TMOs are reported to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Streetscene who will make the decision on whether or not to implement a new CPZ.


If we decide to implement a new CPZ, all affected residents and businesses are informed, application forms for parking permits are sent out and an implementation date is set.


We aim to review all new CPZs within 6-12 months of implementation to assess the effectiveness of the scheme and to establish if changes are deemed necessary. Uncontrolled areas adjacent to a new CPZ may also be consulted at this time.

Updated: 23 May 2018