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We welcome petitions about matters that are of concern to you and other people across the borough.

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Pre-election period

In the run-up to an election there is a period of heightened sensitivity coinciding with the publication of the election notice, commonly known as the pre-election period.

In order to maintain principles of good governance and avoid conflict over issues which may cause contention, we will not publish any new petitions during the pre-election period - this runs from 31 May 2024 to 4 July 2024 inclusive.

Any petitions that are currently running will not be suspended.

Submitting a petition

There is no need to obtain a licence or certificate to collect signatures for a petition.

We can accept petitions submitted online or on paper. Petitions will be handled according to our Petitions Scheme.

Petitions must include:

  • Details and reasoning in support of your petition
  • A statement of what action the petitioners wish the council to take
  • The contact details (including address) of the person organising the petition. This person will be contacted in response to the petition.
  • The name, address and the signature of any person supporting the petition. An address can be a place of residence, work or study, but this must be located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

You should treat all those you invite to support your petition with courtesy and respect regardless of whether or not they choose to sign.

Paper petitions

You can submit paper based petitions to our Democratic Services department, or via your local ward Councillor.

Online petitions

Petitions must be submitted via Richmond Account. Register now or log in to your Richmond Account.

It is important that you read our publication rules and guidance before submitting a petition on our website.


You may find the solution to a problem you are having in our ePetitions frequently asked questions.

Please read and follow the steps on this page before contacting us. If the answer to your query can be found in our FAQs, we will direct you to there.

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If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the Democratic Services department.

Democratic Services

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
York House
Richmond Road

Telephone: 0208 891 7183

Updated: 31 May 2024

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