Guidelines for street naming and numbering

What to consider when making an application for street naming and numbering in Richmond upon Thames

What to consider

Street naming

Our main consideration is that addresses are quick and easy to identify by the emergency services. For this reason, it is important to have unique names.

If a street is named, then that name will not be allowed to be repeated in a building name, terrace name or mews name.

Names must be easily be understood over the telephone in the event of an emergency and should be easy to spell and pronounce. Names with less than three syllables and simple spelling are favoured for this reason.

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Street numbering

A new street is usually numbered with even numbers on one side (normally the right approaching from the town centre) and odd numbers on the other, except for a cul-de-sac where numbering is usually consecutive in a clockwise direction.

All numbers must be used in the proper sequence.

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Renaming/renumbering existing streets and buildings is normally avoided unless proven to be beneficial. The positions of the access and front doors will be considered in the detail of each case.

For example, occupiers of houses on corners occasionally apply to change their addresses from one road to the other because they have altered their vehicular access and this is usually quite easy to arrange.

Variations from the general rule are sometimes allowed but only where it is considered that the ‘public safety’ objectives are not put at risk.

Postcode allocation for new properties

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is not responsible for issuing new postcodes, that is the responsibility of the Royal Mail. However they will not issue a postcode unless requested to do so by the Council.

Queries about postcodes can be dealt with by the Royal Mail by contacting them on their postcode enquiry line 08456 045 060 or visiting the Royal Mail website.

Further advice

If you have difficulty selecting an appropriate name and would like advice on local history in order to make a relevant choice, please contact the Local Studies Librarian, at Richmond Library.

Updated: 24 May 2016