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Read our guidance on naming streets before you make your application.

New street names

A new street name should be completely different from any already in use in the area. ‘Chestnut Close’ would not be allowed if there were already a ‘Chestnut Road', for example.

For private houses in existing unnumbered roads, it is essential that the houses are officially allocated names which are registered with the emergency services. Anyone wishing to change the name of their unnumbered house must also apply to the Council.

Where a property has a number, it must be used and displayed. Where a name has been allocated as well as a number this must always be used with the number - not as an alternative. Names for all buildings must be allocated by the Council except for private dwellings with numbers where a name may be used in addition to the number. In this case the chosen name should not repeat an existing name in use elsewhere in the street).

All new street names should end with one of the following suffixes:

  • Street
  • Avenue
  • Boulevard
  • Broadway
  • Circus
  • Close
  • Crescent
  • Dene
  • Drive
  • Gardens
  • Grove
  • Hill
  • Lane
  • Mead
  • Mews
  • Place
  • Reach
  • Rise
  • Road
  • Row
  • Square
  • Vale
  • View
  • Way
  • Wharf
  • Yard

Not acceptable street name suffixes:

  • End
  • Court
  • Cross
  • Side
  • Path
  • Walk
  • Park
  • Meadow
  • Gate
  • Common

Pedestrian ways

All new pedestrian ways should end with:

  • Walk
  • Path

New building names

All new building names should end with one of the following suffixes:

  • Apartments
  • Building(s)
  • Centre
  • Court
  • Heights
  • House
  • Lodge
  • Mansions
  • Point
  • Studio(s)
  • Tower
  • Villas

Updated: 19 May 2017

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