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Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for the naming and numbering of new or existing streets and buildings within the borough boundaries. We carry out these functions under the London Government Act 1963 and London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939.

How the service works

You will need to submit an application to us if you wish to name or number a new development, sub-divide an existing property, or change the name or number(s) of an existing property or development.

All new numbers or names for streets or buildings will be considered against our procedure on Street Naming and Numbering. The policy is designed to minimise the chance of any confusion in emergency situations, by preventing address duplications or similarities in the local area, including neighbouring boroughs.

We will consult with Royal Mail to allocate a postcode or postcodes. This process can take between one and two weeks. Please note that utility companies and other private companies which provide services, will generally not carry out these services until the address is included on the Post Office Address File (PAF). The Royal Mail will not add addresses to PAF until they receive the required information from us. We therefore advise you to contact us at the earliest stage of a proposal, preferably when building works commence, and before a name has been marketed.

When you need to make an application

You will need to contact us if you need to do any of the following:

  • Name/number new building(s)
  • Sub-divide an existing building (s)
  • Name new streets and pathways
  • Re-name existing streets and building(s)
  • Re-numbering of building(s)

All approved new or amended addresses are subsequently sent to the Emergency Services, Royal Mail, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, The Valuation Office, and Council Departments such as Electoral Registration and Council Tax.

Read our guidelines for street naming and numbering before making your application.

How to apply

To make an application, you need to complete the online application form.


Your application is subject to a charge. 

Charges for street naming and numbering
Type of Work Charge
New house/unit (single) £250

New housing development

Plus per unit



New property name/commercial £332
Change of name or number £164

Re-name road/street

Plus per unit


£66 per unit

Charges valid from 1 April 2024.

VAT is not applicable to charges made in respect of naming and numbering.

You can pay the charge due by debit or credit card. If you are unsure of how much your application may cost, you may wish contact us to discuss this first.

  • Reconciliation of address anomalies will be free of charges.
  • Numbering in retrospect of the developer failing to apply for Street Naming and Numbering of their site will be chargeable.
  • Compulsory re-numbering of a site, where the developer has ignored the Street Naming/Numbering Order will be chargeable.

Please note contravention of the Street Naming and Numbering provisions may result in a prosecution under Section 15 of the London Building Acts (Amendment) Act 1939.

Application process

Following receipt of your application we will:

  • Inform you within 2 days if the proposal is not consistent with our policy and invite you to consider alternative suggestions
  • Consult with Royal Mail and Ward Councillors’, where appropriate, on your proposal and inform you of the outcome within 10 days

We undertake all necessary consultations with Royal Mail in connection with the provision of new addresses, or any alteration to an existing address and following agreement of the proposals, will notify the Emergency Services and other relevant public bodies.

Other notifications of the change are supplied via the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) to ensure that correct addresses are properly recognised.


If you would like to discuss your proposals before making an application, please email

Updated: 05 April 2024

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