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Where unauthorised work has been carried out, with no notice given nor plans submitted, an application can be made to Building Control for a Regularisation Certificate.

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About Regularisation applications

Regularisation applications can be made for both domestic and non-domestic works commenced on or after 11 November 1985. Work completed prior to this date is not covered by the Regularisation procedure. Drawings of work carried out may or may not be required.

It must be stressed this is not a recommended route to take as it could cause you a great inconvenience at a later date. Inspections will be carried out to ascertain whether or not the work complies with Building Regulations. This may necessitate opening up of the works, carrying out tests and/or sampling of materials. The applicant will be notified of any further work required to bring the building to the requisite standards in force when the original work was carried out. When this work has been satisfactorily completed, or if no further work is necessary, a Regularisation Certificate will be issued.

Loft conversions and structural alterations, such as the removal of a chimney breast are common alterations, which are overlooked with regards to Building Regulations. Not only will it prove difficult to sell your house, but also the building work may not comply with the regulations and you could be living in an unsafe building. The work in question may have to be opened up for inspection purposes; this will cause you inconvenience as well as time and money.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to apply for a Regularisation Certificate, there is very definitely a legal requirement to comply with Building Regulations. Failure in this regard is not only an offence in law but may create problems when the property changes ownership.

What's needed for a Regularisation application

Submit one copy of the completed Regularisation application form. These should be signed and returned together with:

  • A plan of the works that have been done and how the layout was before the works.
  • Provide additional plans or details showing how you will bring the works up to the building regulation standards in force at the time if required.
  • Provide the correct charge (120% of the current plan charge).

Regularisation application form and fees

If you have any queries please contact Building Control on 020 8891 7117 or email

Please note

Once we have received your application and not enough monies are paid on submission your application will stand invalid because further monies are required.

Making a payment

There are now a number of ways to make a payment.

You can ring us on 020 8891 7117 and we can take Credit/Debit card payments over the telephone. If you are hearing impaired please contact minicom number 020 8831 6001.

Alternatively, our Finance Department will issue an invoice for the outstanding amount.


With effect from 1 April 2010, where a charge is paid but work does not proceed, any request for a refund will be considered on the basis of costs incurred by the Council subject to a minimum administration charge of £50.00.

If you are in any doubt, please don't hesitate to contact the Building Control Team.

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