Full Plans fees and charges

Full Plans application fees

For a Full Plans Application, a Plan fee is submitted together with the relevant documentation aforementioned. After the initial inspection by Building Control Officers, an Inspection Fee is raised. This is a one off payment and covers all inspections carried out.

Charges and exemptions from charges payable

A charge is usually payable for the submission of Full Plans, this charge covers both the plan stage and the inspection of works, it may be paid totally with the submission or split into plan charge and inspection charge. (If the latter, the inspection charge is payable immediately following the first inspection of work). An invoice will be sent to the person or company cited as 'the applicant'.

Subject to certain exceptions a Full Plans submission attracts charges payable by the person on whose behalf the work is to be carried out. The first charge must accompany the deposit of plans and the second charge is payable after the first site inspection of work in progress. The second charge is a single payment in respect of building works relevant to the application received and will cover all site visits and consultations necessary until the work is satisfactorily completed.

Certain works solely to provide access and facilities for a person with a disability are exempt from charges. Please see the Building Control Charges Guidance Notes.

Section 16 of the Building Act 1984 provides for the passing of plans subject to conditions.  These conditions may specify modifications to the deposited plans and/or that further plans shall be deposited.

These notes are for general guidance only, particulars regarding the deposit of plans are contained in Regulation 14 of the Building Regulations 2010 and in respect of charges, in the Building Regulations (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010.

Persons proposing to carry out works or make a material change of use of a building are reminded that permission may be required under the Town & Country Planning Acts. Further information on Town & Country Planning matters may be obtained from the Development and Street Scene Team.

Please note

In the majority of applications charges are payable in two stages, first at the time plans are deposited, and second following the first site inspection. It can take up to five weeks (2 months if agreed) for a decision.

Provided you follow the approved plans you are normally assured that when inspections are carried out, the work will comply.

Amended plans can be submitted, provided the scheme remains substantially the same.

The approval notice expires 3 years after being granted.

Updated: 1 April 2018