Building Regulations charges scheme

All works under Building Regulations attract a fee. The only exemptions are where the works are exclusively for a person with a disability, or where the works are described as exempt.

Before you build, extend or convert, you or your agent must advise the Council either by submitting Full Plans or a Building Notice. The charge payable depends on the type of work, the number of dwellings in a building and the total floor area.

Building Regulations charges scheme

The charges for Building Control functions are set by the Council under the Building Control Charges Regulations. The charges, formulated under the Charges Scheme, are reviewed annually and can be changed at any time by the Council. Broadly there are tables relating to different work types.

Domestic work and non-domestic works, up to a value of work not exceeding £400,000. There are a number of different categories of work contained in the tables. Where the cost of building work exceeds £400k the Local Authority will provide estimates of the charges for these schemes.

The date of receipt of your application in Building Control is deemed to be the effective date for the scale of fees to be used.

The appropriate Building Control fee is submitted with the plans and other information to the Building Control Team. The application is not registered as being valid without the requisite fee being paid. Indeed if the plans are submitted without the appropriate fee and works were to commence on site, this is technically unapproved works which can give rise to appropriate legal proceedings.

The amount of plan fee to be paid depends on the proposal. There is a fixed rate for certain domestic extensions, detached domestic buildings such as garages, roof space conversions and new dwellings. All of these have a fixed fee for assessment of plans of which the Building Control Team can advise.

If part of the works are to be used solely for a person with a disability, those works are separated from the fee calculation and a fee applied to the remainder of the proposed works only.

Please remember, the estimate cost is based on the fee that a builder would charge for the complete works. No account is taken of any works that you may be able to carry out yourself, or materials or works that you can obtain at a discounted price.

Updated: 1 April 2018