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This type of plot allows up to a total of four burials in a small grave, which can be marked with a garden space or a small memorial.

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About the plot

The plot is a smaller version of a traditional grave. There is a space in each plot for up to four interments of cremated remains; the cremated remains may be buried loose, in a wooden casket or in an eco box (only biodegradable containers can be used).


You can choose to have a one of the following types of memorials on this section:

  • Plaque
  • Headstone
  • Headstone with kerbs; or
  • Plant the grave space

The maximum height of any memorial placed on the grave is 18” and it should be no more than 2ft square. Any planting or memorabilia placed on the grave must be within these sizes.

View the sections

Contact the Cemeteries Office to make an appointment to view the sections. Alternatively, a map of the cemetery can be sent to you, with the family cremated remains plots highlighted, so that you can visit the cemetery in your own time, to see if the areas are suitable.

Fees and forms

We have different fees and charges depending on whether you are burying remains in an existing family plot or purchasing a new one. There are also separate charges for applying memorials.

View our fees and forms

Updated: 02 March 2021

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