Itinerant street trader

If you are looking to sell from a stall or vehicle either on the public footpath or highway (eg a flower stall) on a permanent or semi-permanent basis you will need to apply for this licence.

Applying for a licence

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You will need to:

  • complete the relevant paper application form(pdf, 99KB)
  • submit two passport sized photographs, taken within the last 12 months and signed on the reverse by the applicant
  • provide a copy of your public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000 to cover the activity of street trading
  • provide proof of home address
  • pay the relevant fee

Licenses will not be granted without all documentation being provided.

Issue of licence

A licence to street trade as above may be either issued for 6 months (on a temporary basis) or 1 year should the location be designated. Consultation with the highways authority and in some cases Transport for London (if on a red route) and the police must take place before any licence may be issued.

A temporary licence might be issued while the process of designation takes place. If the location is not designated at the end of the licence period there is no right of appeal under the Act.


If a company or partnership makes applications for more than one licence, photographs must be submitted of the individual responsible for the premises/business eg. the manager.

More information

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Updated: 18 June 2019