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STIQ Day 2022

This week, on Friday 14 January, we are supporting National STIQ Day.

Comment Spot by John Dugdale | 11 Jan 22

Leader of the Council’s end of year message

As we face another festive period where uncertainty as to what the coming weeks will bring casts a shadow over proceedings, it is only natural that our thoughts should turn to those closest to us; those still with us, and perhaps more poignantly, those we have lost. 

Comment Spot by Cllr Gareth Roberts | 21 Dec 21

Shop local this festive period

The Small Business Saturday Tour (promoting local businesses) recently visited the borough. The tour came to Twickenham on Wednesday 1 December 2021. This was the first time that the Small Business Saturday Tour ever visited the borough of Richmond upon Thames and the visit was extremely timely.

Comment Spot by Cllr Richard Baker | 14 Dec 21

Human Rights Day 2021

This year's theme for Human Rights Day is equality - reducing inequality and advancing human rights.

Comment Spot by Cllr Michael Wilson | 07 Dec 21

International Day of People with Disabilities

'A world that works for everyone' – that was the mantra of our founding member, Richard Kember. He was disabled. He was disabled by a society that didn’t work for him.

Comment Spot by Cathy Maker | 30 Nov 21

Building a new culture in social housing

I am very pleased to be announcing the formal approval of the new Social Housing Resident Participation Charter for Richmond Borough.

Comment Spot by Cllr Jim Millard | 23 Nov 21

Tenants' Champion update and Safeguarding Adults Week

Richmond Council's Tenants' Champion has over the last ten years become an important source of support for tenants in social housing in the borough where they are having problems resolving issues with their Housing Association Landlords.

Comment Spot by Cllr Alan Juriansz | 16 Nov 21

Book now for The Poppy Factory’s first open afternoon in December

Richmond residents who have travelled along Petersham Road recently may have spotted a red sign near the junction with Compass Hill, directing attention towards The Poppy Factory

Comment Spot by Dan Hodges | 09 Nov 21

Richmond Climate Week

Running from November 1, Richmond Climate Week is timed to coincide with COP26 in Glasgow. Through the week, the Council and local charity Habitats & Heritage are hosting a series of events (in person and online) to encourage residents, businesses and communities to participate in tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

Comment Spot by Cllr Julia Neden-Watts | 02 Nov 21

Richmond Climate Change Youth Fund

In late 2020, we, the Kingston and Richmond Youth Council, were awarded £10,000 by Richmond Council to spend on a climate change project. This was following our successful conference in October 2019 around this theme, which was attended by David Attenborough and local secondary schools.

Comment Spot by Isabella Topley & Olivia Arney | 02 Nov 21

Richmond Literature Festival set to mark thirtieth season

This year marks the thirtieth season of the Richmond upon Thames Literary Festival, which means, after I googled it, the Pearl anniversary. It is fitting that this year the Festival has been able to reinvent itself and offer a programme which embraces the most important contemporary issues.

Comment Spot by Cllr John Coombs | 19 Oct 21

Let’s pause for the menopause...

It’s World Menopause Awareness Day on 18 October.

In Richmond, nearly 24,000 women are aged between 45 and 60, that’s more than 1 in 10 residents. This is the age group for whom perimenopause and menopause are significant life events.

Comment Spot by Sonia Borrero and Lisa Wilson | 14 Oct 21

It’s never too late to quit smoking and make health gains

Even some 40 years later, I can still remember the look of severe disappointment on my father’s face when I came home for the weekend and nonchalantly (or so I thought) lit up a cigarette.

Comment Spot by Cllr Piers Allen | 12 Oct 21

Fostering - A sense of achievement

Children and young people can come into local authority care for lots of reasons, through no fault of their own. Usually, this happens when their parents can't look after them because of drug, alcohol or mental health problems, or there’s been a family crisis. Fostering is a way of providing a short-term home for a child until a permanent solution is found, although how long they’ll be in foster care for isn’t always known.

Comment Spot by Mandy Rimer | 05 Oct 21

Introducing new Neighbourhoods Inspector Jon Mcloughlin

I have been meeting residents and those who work and visit the borough this month, as I replace Inspector Rebecca Robinson, who is moving on from the borough.

Comment Spot by Jon Mcloughlin | 28 Sep 21

Consent, do you get it? Sexual Health Week 2021

This week we’re supporting Sexual Health Week, which runs from September 13 to 19, 2021.

Comment Spot by John Dugdale | 14 Sep 21

Two important days shine a light on the impact of COVID-19 on mental wellbeing

This pandemic has had a devastating impact on mental wellbeing and two days in September shine a light on this fact.

Comment Spot by Val Farmer | 07 Sep 21

Back to school

Thinking back to schooldays 15 years ago when my daughter was six, the only times children would be covering their faces was during hide-and-seek, and being ‘sent home to isolate’ just followed an outbreak of impetigo!

Comment Spot by Cllr Julia Cambridge | 31 Aug 21

Overcoming habitat fragmentation

Over the last few decades, it is difficult not to notice the lack of butterflies, bees and other pollinators in our gardens, local parks and out and about more generally. There have been numerous studies that confirm our anecdotal observations and the collapse in pollinator numbers.

Comment Spot by Colin Cooper | 25 Aug 21

The cost of litter and BBQs on wildlife

Dropping litter in the parks isn’t just unsightly, it can have a devastating impact on wildlife. Too often our park teams have spotted the shocking impacts of left litter and BBQs on the natural environment and wildlife, and we have listed a number of the top impacts on nature. Please help nature thrive and leave no trace by taking rubbish home - or putting it in the bins if there is space, and please remember, BBQs aren’t allowed in the parks.

Comment Spot by Tom Jarvis | 17 Aug 21

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Updated: 24 Mar 2021