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Before you film in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

The information on this page details what you need to consider before you start filming.

Contact filmrichmond if you have any questions.

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Location fees

Our fees vary and are dependent on a number of factors. See our 2024-25 charges.

All site visits will be charged at £130.

Occasionally, if a project requires a lot of additional work, an additional administration fee may be charged. This will be discussed with you in advance.

We do not charge for on-street filming, however you will need to apply and upload PL insurance and a location specific risk assessment. There is a £10 non-refundable application fee for all applications.


All parking requests are processed by the filmrichmond office and payment should be made by credit or debit card at the time of the request.

Find out more about parking requests.

Parking outside Twickenham Studios

The area around Twickenham Studios is extremely busy with parking in demand from residents, businesses and visitors.

In order to maintain good relations with the studios’ neighbours, and due to the residential location of the studios, we expect visitors to follow our Guidelines for Twickenham Studios parking(pdf, 289KB).


Please call Filmrichmond to discuss any highways requests.   

Mobile Plant licences (cranes, techno cranes)

Mobile Plant licences are £295 per day, per mobile plant. Two weeks’ notice is required

Section 50 Non Excavation licences

This is for all traffic management applications, equipment on street, lights on stands and pedestrian holds.

Section 50 Non Excavation licences are £297.50 (one off fee).  There is a £65 fee for amendments to the licence once issued. Two weeks’ notice is required.

Temporary Traffic Order/Notice (for road closures)

Temporary Traffic Order/Notices are £1428. Three weeks’ notice is required.


We require productions to have public liability insurance in place to the value of at least £5,000,000 (five million pounds). This may be reduced depending on the shoot.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments should be completed for all shoots.

Useful contacts

Local police and hospitals

It may be a legal requirement to inform the police if your filming is taking place in a public area.

View contact details for local police and hospitals in the area.(pdf, 273KB)

Lighting and use of electricity on shoots

If you are planning on using a generator or local power, electrical safety standard BS7909 will apply to you.

Compliance with BS7909 is a condition of our contract. View more detailed background information on BS7909(pdf, 461KB) and what you need to do to comply.

For more information, read our guidelines on electrical safety at filming and events(pdf, 513KB).

How to make your shoot environmentally friendly

Green Screen helps productions filming in the capital to make their shoot environmentally friendly. Every production signed up to the scheme receives a tailored plan, specialised advice, and tips for each department, making it easier than ever to reduce carbon (and costs).

Once certified, the Green Screen Environmental Stamp can be used to promote your green credentials.

Visit the Green Screen website to get started and help to make London the capital of green filming.

Guidelines for filming

View the Film London advice on filming people and buildings which includes issues regarding copyright and privacy.

View the Metropolitan Police Film Unit guidelines for filming in a public place:

Filming on Richmond Green, Little Green and surrounding areas

Richmond Green, Little Green and the surrounding areas are very popular to filmmakers. To ensure good relations with neighbours and local businesses in the area please follow the guidelines.

Working with children

Children under 16 may need a licence issued by their local authority before they are able to film. Licences are granted where the local authority is satisfied with the child's fitness and provisions made for his or her health, treatment and education.

The local authority, in accordance with legislation, can insist on 21 days' notice being required from between receipt of a completed application and the first date that the child is required. You must ensure you check with the child's local authority on how much notice they will require to issue a performance licence.

Find out more about child performance licences for Richmond residents.


Telephone: 020 8487 5157 / 020 8891 7538


Updated: 01 April 2024

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