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Clean up our air to look after your mind

8 June 2023

Clean Air Day is on Thursday 15 June this year, and an opportunity to take stock of what you can do locally to help reduce air pollution, not only for the environment, but for your physical and mental health. 

We know that air pollution is associated with many physical conditions including asthma, strokes, heart disease and cancer. However, a recent report highlighted that exposure to air pollution at critical points in life can also be detrimental to brain health, increasing risk of cognitive decline and dementia. It has also been associated with depression and anxiety. 

There are lots of ways that individuals and community groups can get involved and take action against air pollution, not just during Clean Air Day, but through their everyday lives and habits. 

Our Clean Air Day page has some suggestions, including: 

Attend one of our events

These event are also part of the Great Big Green Week): 

Come along to an engine-idling action event in Barnes on Tuesday 13 June, starting at 3pm, where we’ll engage with drivers in a friendly manner to encourage those idling to turn their engine off and offer information about the impacts of engine-idling on our health. Contact our Air Quality team by Friday 9 June if you want to join! 

Or, stop by Richmond Station on Thursday 15 June between 10.30am and 4pm, where our Clean Air Day Pop-Up will include a free eCargo taxi service for passengers travelling locally from the station provided by Peddle My Wheels, Dr Bike sessions to provide free basic bicycle safety checks, street performers entertaining with air pollution messages, and many resources on air quality in our borough. 

Do something active

Being physically active and finding new ways to introduce active travel into your routine is not just good for the environment, but for your mental health and well-being as well. There is plenty of local support to help you get started: 

Trial or hire a bike or cargo bike with one of our bicycle and cargo bike schemes.

Get some ideas for doing exercise and activities in the borough or in your own home through our Richmond Moves campaign. 

Try out an online NHS Fitness Studio exercise video - there are different activities to suit all levels.

Clean Air Challenge

Take our Clean Air Challenge.

Make your deliveries greener by searching for Click and Collect and other options such as choosing a green delivery slot or a hub.

Discover ways to reduce your impact on local air pollution with the air pollution calculator 

Discover more about air pollution and share your knowledge 

Learn more about air pollution from the Clean Air Hub.

Amplify the call for cleaner air by re-tweeting Clean Air Day posts by @LBRuT and @cleanairdayuk on and around 15 June. 

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Updated: 8 June 2023

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