We have been carrying out a parking review in the Holly Road/Park Place area of Hampton Hill in response to residents' feedback.


This review was commenced following the submission of a petition from residents of Holly Road, Park Place and Myrtle Road requesting parking controls. It is understood that some residents have faced difficulties in finding a parking space near to their home due to non-residents (including all day commuters and/or short and long stay parking) parking in the area. A Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) can alleviate these difficulties.

The consultation included an area of Hampton Hill as shown on the Hampton Hill Parking Consultation area map (pdf, 382 KB). As well as taking into account the possibility of displacement parking following the introduction of any new CPZ, extending the consultation in this way provides an opportunity for responses to be received from the adjacent roads on parking issues.

View a copy of the consultation letter (pdf, 644 KB).


The consultation commenced on Friday 18 February 2022 and ended on Sunday 20 March 2022.

The results of the consultation showed that out of a total of 316 properties consulted:

  • 150 responded to the consultation via the questionnaire – a response rate of 47%
  • Only Holly Road showed over 50% of respondents to be in favour of a CPZ (17 out of 32 responses)

The results show insufficient support for a CPZ in this area. Due to this, no proposals for such a scheme will be developed at this time.

Further information:

We will be carrying a review of the existing parking layout which will include a refresh of the footway parking markings in Myrtle Road and Park Place and to look at introducing other minor measures such as double yellow lines at junctions to improve access and sight lines. Should any changes be proposed, these will be subject to separate consultation with affected properties.

More information on the consultation process.

Parking surveys

Parking beat surveys were carried out in the area by an external survey company.  These surveys have provided a snapshot of the parking conditions to establish reasonable estimates of the numbers of vehicles parked belonging to residents, visitors and non-residents.


Contact us by email at to find out more about this review.

Updated: 23 August 2022

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