Digital Library

All you need is internet access and a Richmond Card to use any of our services, wherever you are. Each library has free Wi-Fi so you can add content or stream straight to your device on site.


Your library in one app. Enjoy the best collection of eAudiobooks on your mobile devices anywhere, everywhere, with the BorrowBox library app.
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Overdrive eLibrary

Download Overdrive eBooks and eAudiobooks to your device to read anytime, anywhere.

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Online Information Library

Access to online resources like The Times and Sunday Times Archive, Ancestry Library Edition, Driving Theory Tests, Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and many more


Read newspapers and magazines from the UK and around the world on your device anytime, anywhere. Help using PressReader.

RBdigital eMagazines and eAudiobooks

Download RBdigital eMagazines and eAudiobooks to your device to read and listen anytime, anywhere. Help using RBdigital

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Updated: 22 October 2020