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You will need internet access and a valid Richmond Card or library card to use any of our Digital Library resources wherever you are. Our libraries all have free Wi-Fi, so you can download or stream content using your device when you visit us.

Digital Library resources are free to use and there are no fines as books are automatically returned unless renewed. There are no limits on how many newspapers, magazines, and comics you access or download.


Discover audiobooks and eBooks on your mobile devices anywhere, including exclusive access to top Audible titles. Access BorrowBox through your browser or by downloading the BorrowBox app.

Cloud Library

Find downloadable audiobooks and eBooks using your device. Access Cloud Library through your browser or by downloading the Cloud Library app.

The Cloud Library discovery terminal is currently at Teddington Library.

Libby by OverDrive

Borrow audiobooks, eBooks and digital editions of 1000s of magazines. Access resources through a browser or by downloading Libby.

Please be aware that from May 2023 the OverDrive app will be discontinued on all devices except for the Kindle Fire and will switch to the Libby app exclusively. All books borrowed via your library account on OverDrive will appear on Libby. The OverDrive website is still available.


PressReader delivers full issues of premium national and international newspapers and magazines to your device the moment they hit the newsstands. Browse and download titles on mobile devices by downloading the PressReader app. Sign in via the 'Library or Group' option.

Please note you will need to log in every 30 days to revalidate your account.

Comics Plus

Comics Plus gives unlimited access to over 20,000 comics, graphic novels and manga. Access resources through a browser or by downloading the LibraryPass app and selecting London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Library Services and the relevant age group.

Parents or guardians of young readers can check the age rating of each title or use the filter function and select Children or Kids to only see age-appropriate comics.

Naxos Music Library

Stream over 2 million tracks with Naxos Music Library. For details about accessing this service via the app, email

Naxos Spoken Word Library

Naxos Spoken Word Library allows you to stream classic novels, poetry, Shakespeare plays and more without downloading. For details about accessing this service via the app, email

Online Information Library

The Online Information Library gives access to online resources including Britannica, The Times and The Sunday Times Archive, Theory Test Pro, the Oxford English Dictionary, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Very Short Introductions and more.


If you experience any problems or require any assistance using any of our Digital Library resources, please email


Updated: 18 December 2023

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