The commissioning cycle

Our approach to commissioning is a four step process: analyse, plan, do, review.


This stage is about gathering information and using this to understand what is needed at all levels, from Borough-wide to the individual. We review legislation, guidance, best practice and current service provision, and carry out stakeholder analysis.

Useful resources include DataRich and our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.


The plan stage is all about determining how the needs can best be met, and what can be put in place to do so.

It involves understanding the market, service design and decision making, and translating the priorities identified in the analyse stage into real services.


At this stage, we put in place the service that has been specified and determined as needed.

This stage is about developing the market, securing contracts and agreeing a means by which providers are paid.

We list specific opportunities for external organisations to provide services on our procurement pages.


The review stage is about ensuring that what is being delivered is meeting the needs and achieving the outcomes identified earlier in the process.

A Performance Management Framework is used to record key performance indicators and measure customer satisfaction and feedback. More about our current performance.

Updated: 5 May 2017