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When do you need Building Regulations approval

You will need to have Building Regulations approval if you are:

  • Erecting a new building
  • Extending or altering an existing building
  • Forming a room in a roof or loft conversion
  • Changing the use of buildings
  • Installing or altering controlled services (including drains and some heating appliances, unvented hot water storage systems and domestic oil fired heating or storage tanks)
  • Installing cavity wall insulation
  • Re-covering a roof with different materials
  • Underpinning a building
  • Forming a structural opening (such as for a through room or new window opening)
  • Removing part of a chimney stack or chimney breasts
  • Installing replacement glazed windows, doors and roof lights

You may need Building Regulations approval to:

  • To extend my house? - Yes, however a porch or conservatory under 30m2 floor area is exempt (providing that the glazing complies with the safety glazing requirement of the regulations)
  • For a loft conversion? - Yes
  • For a car port? - No, providing it has at least two open sides and is under 30m2 in floor area
  • To convert my garage into a habitable room? - Yes
  • To underpin a building? - Yes
  • To re-roof my house? - Yes
  • For internal structural alterations to a house? - Yes
  • For minor repairs? - Not in most cases, but please check as some repairs will require approval
  • To convert my house into flats? - Yes
  • To install a WC? - Yes
  • To build a garden wall? - No, although planning permission may be required
  • The regulations apply to most buildings including all residential, commercial, office and industrial buildings.

There are certain minor works, however, which do not need Building Regulation approval. These include some detached small garages, sheds, carports, porches and conservatories. Please refer to the exempt buildings page for more information. It is always best to ask us in writing about your proposals even if you think that you may not need approval. In this way you will be able to keep a copy of our reply which may be important when you wish to sell your property.

There are some further exemptions from the requirement to give a Building Notice or Deposit Full Plans when the works involve only installation or alterations to controlled services or fittings provided that the person carrying out the work is permitted by the regulations to "self certify" their own work.

For more information contact Building Control Services

Updated: 08 July 2016