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The Civic Pride Fund is intended to support local initiatives helping launch new ideas and develop projects to make a positive difference across the borough and within specific wards that meet our corporate plan as well as local priorities e.g. climate change.

Through this fund we want to engage and empower individuals and groups to improve their local community. We are open to innovative ideas that reflect local priorities and support residents to make Richmond a vibrant and sustainable place to live.

Civic Pride Fund priorities

The Civic Pride Fund has the following aims.

1. Building capacity in our community

Using the skills and talents of local people to benefit the local community to:

  • Enable local people to develop, agree and deliver their own responses to local issues
  • Have a greater say in the design and delivery of services and take advantage of opportunities to deliver services themselves
  • Tackle inequality and discrimination to make Richmond fairer, more accessible and more inclusive

2. A borough to be proud of 

Making public places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive and building stronger communities through:

  • Improving public spaces and enhancing our natural environment, including open space and gardens
  • Positively contributing to tackling the climate emergency including increasing biodiversity
  • Promoting the Borough’s culture, history and heritage and contributing to Culture Richmond
  • Providing opportunities for local artists and arts organisations to develop their work and engage with their local area
  • Celebrating our place in Europe - including our links with other communities in the UK and abroad

3. Town and Neighbourhood Centre Initiatives

We are supportive of initiatives that promote the vitality of our town and neighbourhood centres.

Applications will be considered if the project:

  • Falls outside the scope and limited funding capacity of the Town Centre Opportunities Fund
  • Demonstrates how it will contribute to Civic Pride Fund priorities described in these guidance

4. Sport Initiatives

Projects should contribute to the priorities for sport and fitness, in particular:

  • Provide more opportunities for adults or young people to take part in sport 
  • Widen participation by targeting provision at low participant groups, particularly people with disabilities
  • Provide opportunities for competitive sport that develop pathways to support talented sports people

Organisations can apply for Civic Pride grants towards the purchase of sports equipment. Priority will normally only be given for equipment purchase where:

  • It is for use by the whole club not for individual use
  • It is not replacement equipment but is additional equipment enabling the club to develop new activity

How to apply

Civic Pride Fund priority areas

Funding details:

  • Amount available: Up to £5,000 (or £1,000 for individuals or un-constituted groups)
  • Who can apply: Individuals, un-constituted groups, voluntary and community groups, social enterprises and local charities
  • Application process: Standard Civic Pride Fund application

Projects requiring ongoing funding

The Civic Pride Fund is intended to help communities launch new ideas rather than repeat fund projects, or fund projects requiring ongoing funding.

For advice on other funders who may be able to support with ongoing funding, please contact Richmond CVS. For advice on ongoing funding for environment projects, contact Habitats & Heritage.

Previous funding

Read about projects that have been awarded funding from the Civic Pride Fund.

More information

To talk through your ideas or if you require any other assistance please contact:

Clarinda Chan
Community Grants Officer
Telephone: 020 8487 5112

Updated: 07 September 2023

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