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Richmond Riverside footpath RPZ

We are implementing a Restricted Parking Zone on Richmond Riverside in response to complaints from pedestrians about parked vehicles.


Richmond Riverside is considered by many as an idyllic beauty spot. This stretch of towpath is flanked by a series of pocket parks which add to the arcadian feel of the area and due to its accessibility and closeness to the town centre it attracts hundreds of visitors every day.  

The Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ), which will operate at any time, is being proposed to ensure that the Riverside is kept clear of parked vehicles. In recent years, we have received complaints concerning vehicles parked in this area which can be a hazard to pedestrians. The Riverside, being a footpath, is a very busy and popular location with high numbers of pedestrians using the area.

We appreciate that there are a number of business and residential properties that require access onto the Riverside solely for the purpose of loading and unloading (including deliveries).  Whilst the restricted parking zone will apply at any time, loading and unloading will be permitted. Between Richmond Bridge and up to and including Buccleugh Gardens, this has been permitted between 7am and 10am every day when the Riverside has lower pedestrian flows. Loading and Unloading activity must be continuous and the vehicle must not be left unattended.

Your feedback

Prior to implementation, we invited your feedback on the Restricted Parking Zone.

The consultation opened on 10 March and closed on Friday 3 April 2020.


Thank you for your feedback. Having considered the feedback and all relevant factors, approval has been obtained to implement the RPZ, with the following provisions:

  • The RPZ will operate at any time
  • Loading / unloading will be permitted every day on the section of Riverside between Water Lane and Richmond Bridge. The affected properties are requested to avoid busy periods on the Riverside
  • Loading / unloading will continue to be permitted on the Riverside between Buccleuch Gardens and Richmond Bridge 7am to 10am every day
  • Dispensations will be considered in exceptional circumstances
  • The RPZ will be reviewed after six months of operation to consider any changes and whether to make the scheme permanent
  • Once implemented, any vehicles parked on the Riverside not observed to be loading / unloading will be liable to incur a penalty charge notice

Preparations are now underway to implement the RPZ to bring it into operation on Monday 21 September 2020. During its first two weeks of operation, warning notices will be issued to increase awareness of the scheme and provide those wishing to park with a further opportunity to seek alternative arrangements.

If you have been parking on the Riverside between Water Lane and Buccleuch Gardens, you will need to make alternative arrangements. In Richmond Town Centre, there are Pay and Display / Pay by Phone spaces in Whittaker Avenue and around Richmond Green. For all day parking, there are two car parks in the area – the Paradise Road car park and the Old Deer Park car park. Find more information about parking in Richmond.

The RPZ will be implemented by way of an Experimental Traffic Management Order to provide a period of operational experience of the scheme which will be monitored during the first six months of operation. We invite you to tell us how the RPZ has worked during this period.

Representations may be made either by letter to the Head of Engineering (Traffic and Parking Policy), Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3BZ or by email to

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the scheme, please contact Michael Potter on 020 8487 5295.

View the report detailing the consultation results and the decision to implement the RPZ. 


To find out more, contact us by email at or call 020 8891 1411.

Updated: 19 August 2021

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