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Frequently asked questions about Burtons Road traffic reduction scheme

How does the Burtons Road traffic reduction scheme work?

The scheme keeps most of the streets within the Burtons Road area open to residents and their visitors.

The scheme uses intelligent camera technology to ensure that residents can use the area freely. Road signs indicate where non-exempt drivers are not allowed to go. Every property within the area remains accessible without crossing any camera control points.

Where are the cameras and warning signs located?

We have created detailed maps for each location highlighting signage, civil works, and camera locations.

View the detailed PDF drawings of each restriction point:

Is this scheme going to reduce traffic along Burtons Road?

Yes, the experimental scheme which operated up until March 2022 reduced traffic volume and it is expected that this new scheme, with resident exemptions, will also have a positive effect on traffic reduction. The vehicle numbers travelling through this area will be closely monitored and changes will be made to the exemption area if necessary, to ensure that volumes remain at an acceptable level.

Why was this scheme introduced?

The scheme was introduced to restrict through traffic along Burtons Road, reduce air pollution, and make the road network safer for residents, pedestrians and cyclists. The scheme was initiated following local complaints and a petition from the local area. Traffic volumes recorded on Burtons Road met our current traffic calming policy for intervention measures, with volumes three times higher than the current criteria (during the busiest peak period recorded).

What does an experimental scheme mean, how and when will it be reviewed?

These new experimental measures are being implemented under an experimental Traffic Management Order (ETMO). The formal consultation period for an ETMO is during the first six months of operation (the scheme is expected to go live in May 2022). Following the six-month period, we will write to all residents within the approved exemption area seeking views before a formal committee decision is taken on the future of the scheme.

Which 'permitted vehicles' can pass the control points without being penalised?

Vehicles owned by residents and businesses within the approved exemption area (pdf, 200 KB) can pass through the control points without being penalised.

Who must register for an exemption?

  • Residents within the exemption catchment area must register online before being able to drive through the restriction control points without penalty
  • If you are a resident but your vehicle is registered to an address outside the catchment area (e.g. a company or lease hire car) please register for the scheme using the online form

How can visitors, delivery drivers, builders, mini cabs, private hire vehicles, and other non-residents avoid a penalty?

All properties within the restricted area can be accessed without driving through a restriction.

The traffic reduction zone map (pdf, 1.2 MB) shows how non-residents can avoid the cameras within the scheme.

Do the restrictions operate at all times?

The majority of the restrictions apply from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. The no entry point at the junction of Queens Road with Uxbridge Road applies at all times. The banned right turn from Albert Road into Park Road applies from Monday to Friday, 4pm to 7pm.

Is it possible to avoid the cameras and control points?

Yes. All of the Burtons Road area remains accessible without driving through one of the control points. The aim of the scheme is to stop non-residential vehicles using Burtons Road as a cut-through.

What if I am visiting a resident and drive through a control?

There are no exemptions for visitors to the area. If they drive through a control point during restricted hours then they will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

What is causing the congestion along Park Road leading to drivers using Burtons Road as a cut-through?

The main road network in this area becomes very congested during peak hours due to high traffic volume. As a result, drivers seek alternative routes, and this has resulted in residential roads like Burtons Road becoming a through route for eastbound and westbound traffic.

How about reducing eastbound traffic along Park Road?

We are looking at feasibility studies with our stakeholders (including TFL) to increase capacity at the junction by remodelling the traffic signals to reduce queuing along Park Road and Wellington Road.

Won't this encourage more traffic to utilise the already saturated road network?

Park Road and Uxbridge Road are classified A roads and Wellington Road is the SRN (Strategic Road Network) and are expected to carry the majority of traffic in this area. By providing an an exemption area for residents rather than just those within the Burtons Road area, we expect to see a reduction in traffic volume on these roads. We will be closely monitoring conditions during the experimental period of the scheme.

Isn't this just a money-making scheme by exploiting drivers?

Not at all. We want to make our local streets safer for all road users, including cyclists, and vulnerable road users, and encourage more active travel.

How are you monitoring the success of the scheme?

The success of the scheme will be measured by a review of traffic volumes across the road network, most notably along Burtons Road but also through an assessment of conditions on Park Road and Windmill Road (two roads identified as having seen a negative impact from displaced traffic). We will also be considering pollution levels, scheme compliance levels, and seeking residents’ views on how the scheme has operated during the experimental period.

Who do I contact for further information?

Email and quote Burtons Road traffic measures within the title of your email. Engineers will endeavour to respond to queries raised, however, the time taken to do so will be dependent on the level of correspondence received.

Updated: 24 March 2022

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