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Site Allocations Plan - evidence and research

For the purpose of the Site Allocations Plan, future needs in the borough have been assessed and individual sites have been reviewed and analysed.

This page was archived in July 2015 and will no longer be updated

The site-specific allocations will now be taken forward alongside the review of the existing policies. This will enable the Council to align the sites available with the needs of the borough as identified through the Local Plan Review.

Individual site assessments of sites included in the draft Site Allocations Plan (clustered into areas):

Research carried out for the Local Development Framework/Local Plan will be used to inform the Site Allocations DPD, where relevant. This can be viewed in Local Development Framework Research. In addition, the Authority’s Monitoring Reports have reported on the effectiveness and impact of planning policies and include an assessment of a five year housing supply within the borough.

Information on this page will be updated and added to as the Site Allocations Plan is prepared.

Updated: 02 July 2021

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