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Tree planting and watering

Help to boost the number of trees within the London Borough of Richmond.

Tree planting

The climate emergency poses a significant challenge and trees play a key role in helping us to adapt to changing conditions.

Thus, we are committed to increasing the benefits of trees through increasing the canopy cover across the borough.

For more information on our commitment to tree planting, view:

Our tree planting season runs from November to the end of March each year. During this period, we undertake a programme of planting replacements for trees that have been lost, as well as planting trees in new locations.

2021-2022 season

During the 2021-2022 season, we aim to plant a significant number of trees, as we continue to set more ambitious targets and aims, year after year. 

View tree planting locations (pdf, 326 KB) for 2021-2022.

This currently contains 544 locations, however surveys are ongoing, and we will be adding further locations as the season progresses, with updates being posted online.

Replacing trees

We are committed to re-planting, after tree removal, as part of the commitment within the Corporate Plan and in response to the Climate Emergency:

  • When a tree is removed before 31 July, we aim to replant it in the next planting season, which runs from November of the year of removal, to March the following year 
  • When a tree is removed after 31 July, we aim to replant it in the season after next, which runs from November of the year following removal to March of the year after that 

Please note that after a tree is removed, the stump is ground and temporarily paved over, ready for replanting. In some cases, highway repair is needed to make good damage caused by the former tree, which can cause delays.

Tree planting suggestions and donations

Many residents like to make tree planting suggestions and sometimes, generously offer to make donations.

Whilst we greatly value and appreciate the importance of these suggestions and donations, we do not accept requests for tree species and tree planting locations, nor contributions toward the cost of tree planting.

However, we are currently conducting a borough wide survey of potential planting locations, to be completed by the end of March 2022, which will include your neighbourhood.

Please note that all trees are planted in accordance with the our sustainable planting tree policy, in which we aim to: 

  • Plant the right tree in the right place and where appropriate this will give priority to planting native trees
  • Plant within the location of the tree that has been removed. Where existing site constraints mean that this is not possible a tree will be planted in the nearest possible suitable location
  • Encourage species and genetic diversity amongst its tree population to avoid risk of disease having widespread and damaging effects and to provide variety to those living in or visiting the Borough 

Commemorative trees

Sadly, we cannot plant or allow the planting of commemorative trees. This is because we cannot guarantee that the tree is going to establish or be free from vandalism, the result of which can be very distressing for the families involved. 

We do however run a commemorative benches scheme, for more information view Memorial seats in parks.

Tree watering

We employ a specialist arborist contractor to plant and care for trees. The contractor is obliged to carry out a programme of watering, which begins in April and carries on throughout the growing season. We have a baseline frequency of watering of ten visits per annum.

However, this is dynamic and based upon weather conditions, therefore during hot and dry spells we will operate increased watering regimes. We will monitor the condition of the tree to ensure that it is receiving adequate aftercare.

We do encourage supplementary watering if residents are able to do so, a couple of 5 litre watering cans every 2 to 3 days during dry periods will be sufficient in helping this new addition to establish and thrive in the landscape. 

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Updated: 05 November 2021

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