The Corporate Plan 2016-19

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This Corporate Plan presents our priorities for residents for the period from 1 April 2016 through to March 2019, with an emphasis on the programme activity to be delivered during the next 12 months. It also outlines how we will take these forward and defines how it will measure progress.

There will be an annual refresh process each year until March 2019, which will highlight progress, as well as any new or emerging priorities and the programmes that will deliver them.

Author Community Engagement and Accountability
Published 1 April 2016


Richmond Council is committed to delivering high quality and value for money services for residents against an increasingly challenging financial backdrop. One of the ways of achieving this will be through our creation of a single staffing structure across Richmond and Wandsworth Councils. This will be implemented from September 2016 to March 2017 and deliver estimated savings of up to £10 million per year for local tax payers in each borough.

Richmond and Wandsworth Councils will however continue to be separate sovereign bodies with their own elected Councillors, Cabinets and Leaders, maintaining their distinct identities and retaining the ability to develop policies and priorities that matter to their local residents.  

The Council puts a premium on its relationship with local people and we are committed to being an accountable, open Council with empowered communities, listening to our residents and ensuring they have an opportunity to have their say.

The Council has three overarching aims:

  • To transform local public services through partnership and collaboration through its community leadership role
  • To build community capacity to enable residents and communities to take greater control over their lives and to shape and where appropriate deliver local services
  • To act primarily as a strategic commissioning body with a reduced role in service delivery.


Our vision is for Richmond upon Thames to be the best borough in London; a borough identified by its green character, historic buildings, high quality appearance, vibrant high streets and outstanding schools and services; one where businesses and the voluntary sector can thrive; where citizens can help change neighbourhoods in which they live; and feel safe being part of one of London’s safest boroughs. A borough where the most vulnerable of our residents are supported and where everyone can live as independently as possible with good health and a sense of wellbeing for the better.


Our priorities for the next year are categorised under the themes of ‘People’, ‘Place’, ‘Resources’ and ‘How we work’, in order to align our business planning processes with our commissioning intentions. Within these themes, we have identified the following service priorities:


  • Protecting the most vulnerable
  • A healthy borough
  • The best schools in London


  • A green borough
  • Supporting local business and arts
  • A safe borough


  • A lower tax borough
  • An accountable and open council

How we work

  • Involving our community
  • Community leadership
  • Fairness for all

Updated: 1 September 2017