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The Corporate Plan 2018-22

Download the plan (pdf, 4800 KB)

This new Corporate Plan presents our priorities for residents for the period from September 2018 through to March 2022, with an emphasis on things that we will deliver over the next year. It also outlines how we will take these forward and explains how we will measure our progress.

We will refresh the plan each year, which will highlight the progress we have made, our performance, as well as take account of any new or emerging priorities.

Author Policy and Review
Published September 2018


Our Corporate Plan for 2018-22 sets out how we plan to become an engaging, open and innovative Council - one that has better local schools, is safer and greener, one that is fair and more affordable for all.

We want to make Richmond upon Thames a greener, safer and fairer borough. This means we are committed to investing in good quality local services, whilst also protecting the most vulnerable. In an increasingly difficult financial context, that means we must work with residents and our local partners to tackle challenges head on.

We put a premium on our relationship with local people. We want to listen, understand the needs and preferences of local communities and agree priorities together. We want to put a real and meaningful dialogue with local people at the heart of all our decisions.

At the heart of the plan is the Council's commitment to 'stand up' for Richmond residents, with an invigorated commitment to demand a better funding deal from the Government, lobby the Government for a People's Vote over Brexit and support local EU residents. We are committed to continue to fight any expansion of Heathrow airport and push for more affordable housing across the borough.


This plan prioritises the issues that residents have told us matter to them. There are four overarching objectives:

A greener borough

  • Putting the environment at the heart of local decision making
  • Safeguarding our beautiful borough, protecting our green spaces and improving air quality

A safer borough

  • Being the safest London borough
  • Working in partnership with police and local communities to prevent and tackle crime and improve road safety

A fairer borough

  • Investing in good local services that protect the most vulnerable
  • A borough that is affordable for all

A borough for everyone

  • Making sure residents have a real say over issues that affect them
  • Making our borough accessible for everyone and promoting opportunity for underrepresented groups

Updated: 08 October 2021

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