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Apply for a trader parking permit (Pay As You Go)

A Pay As You Go (PAYG) account allows you to book trader parking sessions online or on your mobile phone. You only pay for what you use and can also book consecutive sessions up to 30 days in advance.

Before you start

No payment will be taken at the time of application. Activation of your account can take up to five working days. To use this service you must have a phone, which has caller ID enabled (preferably a mobile) and a credit or debit card to book parking sessions.

Check your eligibility

  • Your property (where the works are being carried out) must be within a Community Parking Zone.
  • You must not have an existing pay as you go account or trader parking permit scratchcards.
  • Your property must be eligible for a permit under the Town and Country Planning Act.
  • You must have a phone, which has caller ID enabled (preferably a mobile)*.
  • You must have a valid credit or debit card to book parking sessions, once your account has been activated (no payment is taken when you apply for an account)*.

*If you do not have this you can instead apply for trader parking permit scratchcards.

What you will need

Before you begin your application you will need to ensure:

  • you are eligible and have read the legal guidance; and
  • you have proof of address and a valid reason for parking provision.

Accepted proofs

You will need proof to show you have a valid reason for a trader parking permit. All proofs must show the address of where the works are taking place.

You must include a copy of one the following:

  • Copy of quote for works
  • Letter from resident
  • Copy of architect plans

Submit your application

To apply you will need to download and complete an application form (pdf, 109 KB) and return along with your proofs to: Parking Permits, PO Box 466, Twickenham TW1 9JT.

Only send in copies of proofs as these will not be returned, they will be securely destroyed.

What happens next

Your account will be activated within five working days of us receiving your completed application and proofs.

We will write to you to let you know when your account is active.

When you get your new permit

When your account is activated you can begin to use the service. Read our guide to find out how to use your visitor permit PAYG account.

Updated: 01 April 2022

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